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  1. Hello there. I was just meandering through the various threads in this Post War forum & stopped to give this a read. Interesting. I’ include here a couple of pic’s I have of my original Buick dealer ‘order form’ but, even though it’s original, it is for 1955 so, I’m not sure if or, how much of anything specific changed in regards to Buick’s coding system from 55 to 56. Also, not sure about the ‘85’ either. The pictures of my order form are high res scans of the original document that I still have. I am not 100% certain on this but, I ‘think’ these order forms were originally folded up and included with the dealer facts books, behind the COLOR SELECTOR, inside of the kangaroo pouch in back cover. MOST of these probably never made their way back where they came from. The first pic is of the same, before I scanned it. The 2nd picture is also a scanned image but, of another original Buick order form type document that I also have that was found quad-folded & tucked behind the transparent layover sheets of the Buick model variations in my original Buick dealers “Buick BODY COLORS, INTERIOR FABRICS, TRIM MATERIALS, 1955” book. Once again, I do not have much of anything Literature related that’s specifically for 1956. Hopefully, there might be something in the information I’m providing to you that might help. You’ll probably have to click on any of the pictures I’ve included to get their full version.
  2. Hey, my bad! I guess I was getting ahead of myself because when Dave mentioned ‘Roller Bearings’, I was thinking of ‘Ball Bearings’; hence my confusing response from before. That’s why I was being rather specific in stating that Buick ‘eventually’ went to using Timken ‘TAPERED’ Bearings (or, New Departure brand) which, would also be Roller (more contact indeed). At any rate, these following pictures are of the pair of these same Static Collectors that I have had now for about 2 years, still waiting for the car to be ready for them. Even then, I’m really not sure if I wanna place them in service or, as a display conversation item at car shows? The Delco picture is of a 55 catalog of all Delco products and service’s up to 55. Delco part numbers are different from Buick numbers; don’t know why.
  3. Dave, didn’t you mean to say, when Buick went to having Timken ‘Tapered’ Bearings vs Roller Bearings for front spindles? Buick, like 99.9% of all early, domestically built cars (& a large variety of foreign, if not mistaken), were usually using Roller Bearings on front spindle arrangements all of the way up until sometime in the 1960’s, I believe (don’t quote me on this timeframe; just a guess). I myself, have acquired a pair of these as NOS &, sense my 1955 Buick is VERY FAR from being ‘road-worthy’ drivable, I cannot claim to how well they function, yet. My own research into these things is that yes, indeed, their sole purpose is to reduce or, eliminate radio interference noise, specifically of an AM band broadcasting through an original cars’ radio. Something the brainiac wizards of Delco dreamed up back in the day, apparently. There’s also another possibility to why these were no longer needed, transistorized radios were readily available and being factory installed, roughly around the same time as timken tapered bearings were commonplace so.... who knows.
  4. Hello there! Name is Sean Batiz, I just came across this particular thread for the first time. I very recently was fortunate enough to snatch up an original 1955 Buick Pr Ant Sw BEZEL ONLY that appears to be NOS “but”, after receiving it in my mail a couple of days ago, it suddenly dawned on me that I’ve gone and impulsively purchased this part a bit too hastily! It’s casted part # on the top side (that’s not visible when mounted to the dash) is: “1165749”. Which, if one looks through the 1955 Buick Master Chassis Parts Book, they’d see this part number listed for specifically the 1954-55 40 - 60 series &, 1954 100 series cars! My cars are both (I own two) 1955 Buick ‘SUPER’ serious 50 2DR HDTP’s. Which lists the correct bezel part number as: “1165715”! All of this long winded message leads me up to ask: Do you know what part number is on the bezel part that you have there? Can you find a part number on that actual switch itself? Do you still have these parts? If the one that you have (presuming you still have it?) is in fact, for the larger body series (1165715), like my Super’s are, AND if you own a Century or Special series, WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO TRADE THE BEZELS? That is, unless you’ve been looking to sell your switch/bezel combination? This one that I have, appears to be flawless. I’ve included a picture of the page from my 55 BMCPB with red arrow aiming this bezel I have &, green underlining the bezel part number that would be correct. Just above that, is listed the part number into for the switch itself.
  5. Hello there! Been some time since I’ve last coined in on this here thread but, after your recently added page, I just couldn’t help myself! I chuckled at the fact that you ended up getting a “parts car”! Just like I ended up doing! Which leaves me thinking that just about anyone restoring ANY classic car MUST have a “Parts Car”!?!? LOL.. No, I haven’t created a thread of my own yet but, someday soon, hopefully. At least now, one of your children will have enough rusty parts to build their own “Rat Rod” as a badass High School car! ?
  6. Thought I'd write a bit more. When I came across this thread during a random search for more info pertaining to my 55 Buick Super, I almost skipped reading through the whole thread due to it pertaining to a Century but, as with so many other folks out there that have chimed in here & there throughout your Buick memoirs, I to conquer on it being well written and documented as you went along. The crazy part is, is that I'm quite literally on roughly the EXACT SAME STAGE of work with my own Buick! Crazy weird. Except, after I created an extensive, itemized list of the parts that I knew I'd have to either still obtain or have repaired, I instead just bought another 1955 Buick Super of expect same style, with factory A/C! I may end up restoring both cars now, one as all original with as many factory original bells & whistles as I can affordably acquire and, the other car as fully original with original "patina", leaving miner bumps, dings, rust & so forth with restored interior & driveline. I believe that I'll have to create my own thread here soon enough to cover all that I've done & as progress continues. Pic's are of my first Buick "then & now" (then, 2005 just a few months after the engine DIED, BADLY! And now, as it currently is). Last pic is of my "new" Buick Super that I just got about 3 weeks ago. I have a mountain of original literature as well!
  7. Not sure if you've read my previous & first ever msg I sent to you about an hour ago but, I was rereading part of this thread & forgot that you had mentioned that you do already have a pair of those transparent air ducts for your factory A/C system. And that you stated that they do NOT fit your car? If you can PLEASE send me a pic of one of them with a ruler/tape measure next to it, showing its length, I'd highly appreciate it! That pair you have there MIGHT be the size I've been looking for! If so, I'd be more than happy to just "give" you the pair I have here (shorter & intended for a 1955 Buick Century), in exchange for the pair that you have there. Even trade?