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  1. Thank you all for the information !
  2. I read many topics on this matter but it is still not clear for me. Can I swap the ring gear/pignon on my Special 40 with other Buick models with a lower ratio ? Thanks
  3. I searched the forum but coult not fine a topic about my problem: On my special 40, shifting in reverse, first and second is smooth. But when comes time to shift in third, it engages making the gear on gear noise most of the time. once engaged, it goes perfect. Any Idea what could be the problem ? Thanks.
  4. Hi, i`m happy, after 18 months of work I can enjoy driving my 1938 Buick 40. But there`s always a little something to improve on those babies ! Now my concern is the steering play. I`ve done the steering gear adjustement. I tried to adjuste the worn shaft end play but, even with the lock nut loosen, the adjusting screw would only move along with the lock nut. So I don`t know if I achieved something there. The third adjustement I tried to do is the lash adjuster but it won`t move even with the lock bolt loosen. I repacked the front bearings and they are all tights ok. So, does anybody knows wath steering play is normal ? I think I still have too much steering play. Thanks !
  5. Thanks !!! I was doing my search with ``lug bolts or studs``. I nerver tried ``wheel bolts``.
  6. Yes, I meant that. I`ll check with them. Thanks
  7. Surprisingly, no. I`ll keep looking. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I`m looking for wheel studs for my 1938 Buick special 40. Thanks
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