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  1. Hey Guys, This may be a bit of an odd request, but a year ago I had a Christmas ornament made by engraving this drawing of our '39 Ford on to a piece of 1/8 plywood. This year I'd like to make a similar ornament with our '38 Buick coupe but can't find a suitable drawing to start with. Does anyone have something I could work from? Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi, From what I can tell from past discussions and the wiring diagram for my '38 Special, there is no ballast resistor or resistor wire in the ignition circuit. Is this correct? What would be considered an acceptable voltage to see at the coil with the car running. Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi- I'm hoping someone might be able to identify the Buick in this photo. That's my grandparents and mom in Clinton Iowa in what they referred to as the "first Buick". I'm guessing the picture was taken about 1926 or so. Thanks, Tom
  4. Thanks for the input everyone. It has also recently come to my attention that they have either moved or opened a second location in Wilton, Maine. Perhaps things are a bit chaotic at the moment. But judging by the responses to the question of alternatives, I guess the answer is that there are none. Thanks, Tom
  5. So I'm getting ready to do the interior on my '38 coupe. I have requested samples from LaBaron Bonney but haven't received them yet. Meanwhile, I'm starting to come across more and more posts indicating that there seems to be some issues with them (LBB). Some posts on a Ford site of people who have multiple interiors on order but none being shipped, fabric changing color after 6 months, finding out that no fabric is available until after the ship date, etc. All of that makes me somewhat nervous. What alternatives, if any, does a guy have when it comes to interiors f
  6. Thanks, I thought I had seen this before, now I realize what happens. Once you search a term, I guess you are no longer in a forum. but rather you are on a "search results" page. To conduct another forum specific search you need to revisit the forum and re-select "this forum" from the drop down list. A bit cumbersome, but better than sifting through all the Riviera posts to learn about the trim code for my '38. Thanks for the tips, Tom
  7. Hi, I have a 1938 Buick, so most of the help I need is in the Pre-War forum. But I don'y see how I am able to limit my search results to just that forum. When I use the main search field, I get site wide answers. Is there a way to filter by forum? Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi- I have a mostly original '38 Special business coupe. When I acquired the car a set of Century rear end gears were included in the deal. When I looked in the service book to see what will be involved in the swap, I broke out in a cold sweat. It looks like every phase of this project requires various special tools, gauges and brackets for indicators. It seems from my search of this site that this swap is a fairly common occurrence. At least it gets suggested a lot. I consider myself a fairly competent mechanic but have not done a gear swap like this before. I'd hate to have things
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