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  1. Left is a 1926 J I Case Car, and the right one is a 1920 Case Car
  2. Just bought my second J I Case Car, on the left
  3. Runs good now after a couple of weeks of bugs. Took a 2 mile run...all good.
  4. Got it running 5-18-2018. Runs good. New gas tank not done yet, so it has a nurse tank higher than the carb.. And the vacuum fuel pump was bypassed for now. My vids are to large to post on here. But will have some soon I hope.
  5. Still have not tried to start it yet.... Took six weeks to find a matched set of new tires. Mounted the rear fenders also.
  6. Have not tried to start it yet. Battery installed, starter turns the engine over, and the front lights work.
  7. Master Tire Tool for 25 inch rims makes it a pc of cake.
  8. Took 45 minutes to demount the 4
  9. Empire Motors of El Paso TZ has a long history of fraud. Constantly in in court for a couple of decades now. He took me for $6000. Very smooth talking con artist.
  10. Stay far away from Empire Motors of El Paso TX. Extremely long history of fraud, Goggle Val Blazer Empire Motors El Paso TX. or look in state and county civil records.