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  1. That's the info I need. Thank You for your research. I appreciate this .
  2. How did it turn out ? I have a similar headless 9N series Continental , pushing exhaust gas out the rad. ph 507 433 0073
  3. Wanted 1920's Continental 9N series . A block at a minimum . Ph 507 433 0073 manifold@smig.net Austin Mn
  4. Left is a 1926 J I Case Car, and the right one is a 1920 Case Car
  5. Just bought my second J I Case Car, on the left
  6. Runs good now after a couple of weeks of bugs. Took a 2 mile run...all good.
  7. Got it running 5-18-2018. Runs good. New gas tank not done yet, so it has a nurse tank higher than the carb.. And the vacuum fuel pump was bypassed for now. My vids are to large to post on here. But will have some soon I hope.
  8. Still have not tried to start it yet.... Took six weeks to find a matched set of new tires. Mounted the rear fenders also.
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