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  1. Ok good to know thanks! It’s fine right now but would of rather gone with rims being flushed with drum brakes. Thanks.
  2. That’s awesome! So no need to take to machine shop. You did it yourself? Can you tell me what type of metal router you used if you don’t mind. I think that’s something I would want to do instead of the spacers. Thanks!
  3. Just a FYI I was looking for some 695 ridler wheels and came across this feed for information. Just wanted to give an update on the wheels. I put on 20s on my 63 Rivi with all stock drum brakes but staggered 20x8.5 front and 20x10 rear. These didn’t fit snug with center bore so just a heads up you will be needing spacers or have them billed just a bit not to much. Also go with the 0.125 thickness of spacer so you have room for the threads.
  4. Hi bill, wanted to know if you had a picture of that tool you used to pull whole chrome piece out. I’m replacing mine with a re-chromed one and that thing is well stuck in there. I would appreciate it thanks!
  5. 68 bill- do you have a picture of that tool you used to pull out chrome piece. I also need to remove it to replace old one with new one. That thing is stuck in there. Would really appreciate the help. Thank you.
  6. Thanks! Good to know. I thought maybe they corrected the problem. I like the front one as well. I’ll check with jammco thanks for the info.
  7. That’s good to know. I installed the one in front. Where do I order the new on for rear? What’s the item number?
  8. Thank you! Here’s a better angle from a week ago before I put her back to sleep til next summer.
  9. No it didn’t. My Rivi is lowered. In fact the sway bar gave it great handling. Would recommend anyone with this brand.
  10. Since this subject got brought up...the sway bar worked out great with no modifications 👍🏼 Here are some pics
  11. I I think I will do that ha! Thanks again 👍🏼
  12. Wow! Thanks for the heads up Ed! All 4 are actually nice. Here are pics of all 4 and what they look like on my 63.
  13. This is my wheel Ed. Looks like I’m out of luck 🤨
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