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  1. Thanks! Good to know. I thought maybe they corrected the problem. I like the front one as well. I’ll check with jammco thanks for the info.
  2. That’s good to know. I installed the one in front. Where do I order the new on for rear? What’s the item number?
  3. Thank you! Here’s a better angle from a week ago before I put her back to sleep til next summer.
  4. No it didn’t. My Rivi is lowered. In fact the sway bar gave it great handling. Would recommend anyone with this brand.
  5. Since this subject got brought up...the sway bar worked out great with no modifications 👍🏼 Here are some pics
  6. Wow! Thanks for the heads up Ed! All 4 are actually nice. Here are pics of all 4 and what they look like on my 63.
  7. This is my wheel Ed. Looks like I’m out of luck 🤨
  8. Where is the code imprinted on the rim to check and see which ones I have?
  9. Are your wheels staggered or running both at 20” by 8.5”? I was considering ridler wheels but 20” by 10” in rear and 20”by 8.5” front.
  10. Well looks like I’ll be going with the scarebird kit. When you say you cannibalized everything, even the brake cylinder or did you upgrade that with a different one? Also with this kit were you able to keep original rally wheels or did you upgraded your wheels as well Ed?
  11. Thanks for the info. That’s what I figured but just wanted to confirm. I appreciate the tips thanks again.