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  1. The video says the factory was ABANDONED. The car was sort of forgotten about until they recently went into negotiations to sell the property and needed to get any property out that the family wanted to keep. No need to try and split hairs.. just be happy another old car is saved and we were lucky enough to document the car as found. The family wants to get the car drivable again and don't plan to fully restore it at this time. It now safely rests in a garage across the city and we'll update as they progress on it. Thanks for the share and comments everyone, it really was a neat moment to see it out in the sunlight for the first time in so long. -Matt/ITG
  2. Some more on the car. Below is the video of the car being pulled out. Also a picture with the top down after cleaning the junk out of the inside. I am offering the car for sale as I really don't have the space to restore it right now with a garage full of projects. I'd love to see this be restored to it's former beauty!! I will be bringing it to the Fall Hershey meet if it doesn't sell before that. Here is the video of pulling the car out:
  3. I purchased this in a group of cars/parts I bought and I will be bringing the car to Hershey for the fall meet if it is still available then. Details: 1936 Chrysler C8 Convertible Sedan (less than 300 made) Parked in a Garage/Barn since 1951 VERY SOLID and VERY Complete. Transmission is missing (why it was parked) but a member here has a spare available I can forward details on. Original Overdrive Car Floors are extremely solid with mainly just surface rust present. There is only very very minor rust at the very bottom seams of the body where they roll under the car. EXTREMELY easy repairs if you restored. All of the rare Airstream specific parts are present and in great shape including taillights, steering wheel, dash, gauges, spare tire/wheel and matching hubcap, etc. All top irons are present and rear window with garnish molding is included All missing trim off of the car is included and inside the car This is possibly the most solid, original, unrestored one of these you come across. I have not washed or cleaned the car other than cleaning the junk out of the inside of the car and taking inventory of included parts. I am asking $15K for the car. I can deliver to Hershey or help with shipping. Reasonable offers will be considered. Watch the video on pulling it out of it's tomb here:
  4. No title, but the car is very complete, just a lot of the wood structure needs replacing. I will sell complete or parts. Located in Boyertown, PA. 19512
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. The car is an 8 and is fairly complete overall. Most of the hard to find/airstream specific parts seem to be there including the banjo steering wheel, tail lights, horn covers, dash, top irons, side hood trim, etc etc. It is pretty incredible the car is so solid underneath. It was parked since 1951-1952 in the back corner of an old garage. Only some minor rust in very lower corners as expected, but no major damage. I'll try and snap some additional pictures this week. I dug it out and got it home over the weekend.
  6. Thanks for the input. The car does have a valid title. If I could find a transmission I'd be tempted to make it drivable as-is and just enjoy. I agree it would be financial suicide to pay someone to restore this fully, but it does have the allure of being a survivor as it sits. How rare are the transmissions for these cars? Is it a 36-only deal, or could I maybe find one from a larger range of years? Anyone I can be forwarded to that would have one available? Thanks for the information thus far, I'm an Early Ford guy historically, but I can fall in love with anything from this era! -Matt
  7. Hi I am looking for some rough idea if value and rarity as I’m having trouble finding information on these cars. I am looking to buy a collection of cars and parts and included is a really neat barn find 36 airstream convertible sedan. The car appears to be in really good shape for being parked for so many years. It seems all original and wears its original paint from what I can tell. The top irons are there but the material is gone. The skirts, taillights and most special parts are there minus one hood vent trim. The transmission went bad in the car many years ago and was removed and never replaced so it is without a trans but otherwise complete. There is no major rot I can see and overall it’s in remarkable condition for sitting since the 1950’s. I was curious how rare / low production numbers these cars are and what a rough value would be for something like this. I’ve seen similar sedans and coupes sell but this seems a bit of a rare bird and I feel like those values may not same as this car. Does anyone recall one of these unrestored selling in recent history? Thanks in Advance! -Matt
  8. Looking for the hubcaps pictured. Would like a decent set of four. Not afraid to do some light repair if need be. Singles or full sets considered. Happy to pickup at Hershey.
  9. Also interested and can grab anytime if the interested party backs out. In PA. Nice gesture by you!
  10. I agree it looks like some sort of car part! My friend just grabbed the dash for me because he thought it looked interesting. I'll be taking a trip to visit this old yard and pull some parts, so I'll definitely look harder at that!
  11. A friend found this for me when he was digging around an old junkyard and I'm having trouble place what it was out of originally. Initially I was thinking something more high-end like a Pierce Arrow, Packard, Lasalle, etc. but not quite sure and my google searches have been exhausted. Any help is appreciated! -Matt
  12. Hi Carl, I bought out the remaining collection of parts from a gentleman local to me. He had been collecting, buying, and selling Cadillac parts for 50 years or more. I took 2 pickup truck loads and an 18' trailer load out. I'm still going through it all but I have stuff from the 40's up through the early 70's. Not many bumpers or body panels but tons of interior parts, exterior trim, emblems, switches, lights and related trim, etc etc. Shoot me an email with what you're after and I can take a look.
  13. Photo added to the original post and here with the engine number. I added some updated pics now that I have it at my storage area on an ebay ad. Read/See More here: I will gladly deal/sell it off of Ebay if contacted directly.
  14. Came in a lot of parts (mostly Cadillac) I purchased from a collectors estate. This was supposidely running on the bench years ago but some parts were removed over the years to scavenge for a friends car. We haven't tried to turn it over yet, but I'd bet it's at least partially stuck. It has been stored inside in a dry barn on a pallet for the last 30-ish years and hasn't been outside in the weather. It shows in the condition. I attached pictures I first took of it and can provide additional photos is anyone needs. Happy to ship it anywhere if you cover the costs. Asking $500 for the engine. Please email me or call me as I don't monitor this site as often as I should! -Matt 6one0 NineZero6 6344 or Thanks for looking.