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  1. Are there calipers available or rebuild kits I have 2 that the seals are leaking any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. Millard
  2. Thanks Reaper1 ; I guess I should ask what color the interior is, mine is Ginger.
  3. I have a 89 and am interested in a couple of dash parts the dash cover over the instrument cluster and the forward dash panel where the speakers and maybe the speakers also they are pretty weather checked
  4. When I got my TC mine was bad also. After I cleaned all the rtv out from a botched repair I cleaned all the connections solder the wires and epoxied helicoils in where the screws were stripped out works great
  5. Sorry I meant to say shipping for the Radio
  6. I live in Lakewood Colorado, How much is shipping
  7. Thanks marty14 I will look around if I can't find any I will look you up.
  8. Are the Plastic Shock tower Covers used on other vehicles, I recently Bought an 89 TC and they are cracked pretty bad and would like to replace them.
  9. There are currently 6 TC's for sale on Craigslist Denver
  10. Thanks alot guys I just need the groups size. I appreciate the quick responses
  11. I recently Bought a 89tc and the Battery is dead and past it's warranty, The Battery that is in it I don't believe to be the wright physical size. Does anyone have a replacement number? Thanks MONTY
  12. Thanks Digger914. Do you know what the retainer clip looks like, I think that is what is missing.
  13. If anyone has a Picture of the Trunk Lock Mechanism I sure could use it. The Key Cylinder is really loose. I pulled it apart to see if I could tighten things up and I think when it was repainted by Prior owner something was left out. On the brighter side I was able to clean the contacts and get the Elec release to work.
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