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  1. I'm not a fan of new boxes on old trucks either but I really like this. I would be happy to drive that sucker.
  2. I'd bet he has no plans to do anything with it.
  3. In the second video the owners daughter is the one in the blue dress in the front seat. Just seeing that smile as they drove by was worth it.
  4. I bought this car a bit ago from my boss after her father passed away. It had been restored in the late 80's but had sat in his neighbors garage since then. I always told him when he was ready to sell it I wanted to be 1st in line. I was close a few years back but when his wife passed he just couldn't part with it. It was a project that he his wife and their neighbor restored. Well after he passed Jody felt it was only right that I got it. We agreed on a price and I brought it home. Over the past bit I've gone through it and fixed all the issues it had from sitting. I've gotten it going pretty good and a few months ago a good friend of mine's sister asked if I could bring it to her wedding. I was more than happy do to that so I loaded it up today and went out there for them. They rode in it from the main building to the area where the service was held then back to the reception area. It ran great and I thought it would be a neat idea for her brother to drive it instead of me. I gave him a crash course on out to operate it and turned him loose. He was thrilled to get to drive it and I got a kick out of the enjoyment they all got out of it. Here are a few videos I took. Nothing long but it shows the car and such. The first on is the former owners daughter and her husband and daughter the second is my buddy Calvin and the bride and groom. The last one is him driving his family to the ceremony.
  5. Just fyi it was 175 to seal it.
  6. I guess u should update this thread. I have the car running and driving. I still need to register it but it is a blast to drive. Slow and scary lol. I was able to just go through this carb and made my own gasket. I'm still learnin the timing advance thing so if you have any tips I'd like to hear them Click on picture for short video.
  7. How is someone expected to make an offer on something they can't see?
  8. Good looking tank but I'm not looking to spend $900 to solve a $200 problem. Thanks
  9. I have the fuel tank out of my car and am looking at $139-239 to have it sealed. With the thought of spending $250 after tax on sealing my tank I am now wondering what a new one would run me. My thought is if a new one is just a few bucks more it's a better idea to replace it. Now I'm not seeing anything like I need for sale. My current tank is 36"x8"x10" Thanks.
  10. How strange that ended up being. Funny that the cab co. was willing to do that. Good on them.
  11. I'm not concerned with original to be honest. I just want to drive it and enjoy it.
  12. This works for me. I'm a bit out of my depth here. I'll call you tomorrow. Thanks
  13. So that's unfortunate. Any ideas on what I can do for a carb for this car?
  14. Did I really just read 4 pages of grown men arguing over calling an engine a motor? I love forums. On Topic, OP what forum did you just get the boot from?
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