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  1. Do you have a front seat frame from a 36, 37 that you could see selling? one last question do you have the chrome piece under hood emblem from a 36 or 37. i have a 37 3 window that could use a few finishing pieces. joeri0987@gmail.com Thanks
  2. Does anyone have pricing on getting something scanned and printed? I am building a 37 zephyr and would like to add some custom chrome trim. Do it traditional would run about 15k so was looking in to having my car scanned and custom trim done by 3D printer in either rigid plastic or Stainless steel then chromed. Found several places on line that will take a 3D rendering and produce the trim but no cost # yet. Just wondering about approx costs for this application?
  3. I am looking to build a mild resto. Don't care about engine or drive train since will be getting a new chassis and drive train. Really looking for a body and Chrome to be complete and interior so that I can redo it. Missed a really nice white 53 Skylark on ebay by 10 minutes a few weeks ago that was a mild resto and would like to do one very similar. If anyone knows Larry in Louisville, KY he has several Skylarks, he was the lucky person who got to it just before my phone call to the owner. Thanks, Joe
  4. Looking for a 1953 Buick Skylark Project. It could be half done or not started at all. Not looking for a rust bucket. Email - Joeri0987@gmail.com Thanks, Joe
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