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  1. Just FYI, spotted this on another site - I have no interest in the sale of any items listed. https://bid.joerpyleauctions.com/ui/auctions/61776
  2. You may have seen this one but I thought I'd send it: (not mine) https://www.grautogallery.com/vehicles/7866/1983-oldsmobile-toronado-brougham
  3. If you own or had a '79 or '80 Riv, I'm interested in learning about common issues or things to consider based your experience that you can provide a potential buyer. Any common issues with the Olds 350 or TH325 FWD setup? Do you recommend repairing inoperative Level Ride Control or replacing it with good shocks/dampers? Does the optional rear disc brake system have issues? Having owned and repaired two 70s era Caddys recently, I'm not a fan of the period Auto Climate Control but would like to know your experience if your Riv was so equipped. Thank you for any relevant info.
  4. Exactly! How could anyone not recognize the seats as being vinyl? 🙄
  5. Nice looking car. If you can you post the link to your eBay ad, it will help. GLWS
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