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  1. I purchased an a40 somerset. These were built between 1952 and 1954. Does anyone have the vin. or chassis numbers for these and what year's are they. I have no title and need the year of the car.
  2. you can call me at 320-290-2067
  3. hi, I just got the other one that he said would fit and it's from a 37 Plymouth. the one you have pictured looks like it is the one. can you roll it over and measure the 2 bottom bolt holes to see how far apart they are. it's hard to tell with the vibration dampener on it. It will have to come off to get the mounting plate off. If it's the right one, what do you want for it and I would be interested in the oil filler cap too if it's good. Jim
  4. could someone send me pictures of the door panels. the car I'm working on does not have them. not sure what they are suppose to look like
  5. I was thinking the same thing for my 42 Chrysler. If you would use the wiring from a 46-48 with the 46-48 transmission. would that work?
  6. I have a question on the 54 Coronado, does anyone know how many of these were made. Any history on these would be great. there is very little info on these and the only one I've seen is the one I have in my shed that I purchased out of a junkyard years ago.
  7. I have a front axle and hubs from a Pierce arrow, 1926 1927 not sure of year $175.00; also a hood from a 41-47 Chevrolet pickup $200.00
  8. I may have found one. not sure until I get it to see if it fits. will let everyone know later.
  9. I'm working on a 1937 Desoto, I'm in need of the front motor mount plate for a 6 cyl. , I believe 37-38 Desoto and 37-38 Chrysler are the same. I need the stamped steel one. Cast iron one does not fit. Not sure what it looks like but it should have 2 holes on the bottom where it bolts to the k-frame
  10. I'm still looking for a picture of the trunk lid and the hole where it lifts up. I have no lid and want to get it right when I make the lid. any help you have for this would be great. Jim
  11. yes please send a picture of the trunk, also what engine is in yours and can you give me the model number of it? thank you
  12. Hi just joined this site. I also have a Hackney that I'm trying to restore this winter. it is rough, no trunk or engine. it is the deluxe model. I sure could use some closeups of the trunk lid and the latch, I made the trunk lid but do not know what the latch looks like or how it latches. also, what model engine is in your car? Jim
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