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  1. I am restoring/assembling a 1967 Cadillac deville convertible thats been apart 30 years. It gets better someone else took it apart and I have 3 cars worth of parts.Some of the parts belong to the car I am working on and some are extra.There is a remote trunk release button assembly not sure if its from this car and cannot find a spot for it to mount I am guessing its under dash on drivers side. Does anyone have a picture or an idea where it mounts? Thanks for any help.
  2. I recently sold a classic car on the internet. The person who bought it is from China.he says a company called CFR Rinkens will be contacting me for pickup and Payment.this is supposed to be a global shipping company.Has anyone ever delt with this company?
  3. Dose anyone know what happened to the Pierce Arrow from the Boyertown cigar box factory? The car was owned by F.S. Koons. It was a seven passenger sedan, and my father speaks about it often. Thanks for any information or pictures!
  4. 1956 354 hemi Someone told me when installing spark plugs that you are supposed to remove the gasket for the plug. Is this true?
  5. I have a marvel heat riser and was wondering what cars used these.
  6. I have a 27 dodge brothers the block in my car was only made 2 months I could not find another block my block was cracked after tyring to find someone to weld it i when though 3 or 4 guys finally a guy said he would . It was welded this is 10 years later and still runs great.
  7. 1925 or before that 12 volt engines 4 cylinder I have seen these I believe its a stock dodge brothers part also try dodgebrothersclub.org
  8. The motor seems to start very easy even at 10 degrees out .It dose not shimmy or shake at idle I moved the car a short distance and was waking around the back of the car and the 1 tail pipe did not sound quite right I held my hand over the pipe I could feel air pushing out but also felt some air sucking in could someone have the valves to tight? Does The dual exhaust have a crossover pipe? its in storage and I cannot check it out like I would like to.
  9. On the 56 chrysler hemi suppose to have been rebuilt in the 90s there is some pressure coming out of the oil fill top front of the motor at idle not alot but the owner says when you throttle up it goes out the vent tube near bottom he says they are all that way because the motors were never vented properly is this true ? Also what hemi should be in there 331 354 ?
  10. I bought a 47 chevy coe with a rebuilt 1954 chevy 235 serial number 0442022T54y. The man that owned spent a lot on the engine after it was rebuilt and run for a short time it had a miss. He said that a push rod bent . He said he just gave up and sold the truck. I think I found out why the push rods were bent because valves were not adjusted properly. I straightened the pushrods and got it running. I also checked the compression. 125-130 every cylinder. now I want to get new pushrods and lifters but I need to know if the ones in the motor are correct pushrod is about 11 1/4 lifter 2 5/16. The bottom of the pushrod seems to be mushroomed is that the way it should look? Next problem is that when the motor was running I noticed the distributor was not advancing. The vacume advance is good but I found an oring under it I dont think it belongs there and its stopping the distributor from advancing. I figure it was put there to stop oil from leaking out. dose any seal belong there. I will try to add pictures of these items. Thanks for any help.
  11. thanks for the info 3.21 axle with the tall tires may not work to well. its a 1947 chevy cab over with a 1956 chevy six 235 someone started this project and spent a lot on the engine even ran it on the floor for an hour hooked to a radiator put it in the truck drove it for a couple hours and valve stuck and hit the piston. so the engine has to come apart. The rear axle is a 2 speed with low gear at 8.10 and high at 6.13 so since the truck is never going to haul heavy loads I would like to find a 3.73 Posi . I Found a place that makes wheel addaptors very reasonable. They said they can put almost any rim on any axle.oh Im 53 and I know what you mean by no energy when I was 18 I could not wait to get home and work on an old car now I can barely get to the garage a couple hours on the weekend
  12. I have a 67 caddy rear I see no tags on the outside the only thing i see is a casting number on the pumpkin which is 1482958pd464. its a posi and has the perfect measurements for a truck that I am building.Do those numbers mean anything as far as ratio or do I have to pull the pumpkin out? If so how do I tell what the ratio is
  13. I was wondering if any one could tell me the wheelbase of a 1927 Studebaker President 7 passenger. Thanks for any help