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  1. I have the starter and starter solenoid I am not sure about a starter relay. And I don't see it on my wiring diagram
  2. Yes just bought the battery a week ago. Took it back and they tested it. The only thing I can think of is the wiring went bad in the vehicle and might need to be replaced
  3. Yes they are. they were the original one that were on the vehicle. The vehicle did start up just fine and then we moved it to a new garage a while back and it would start and then one day it just started clicking and then nothing. So I had the starter rebuilt and put a new 6 volt battery. Rebuilt the carb at the same time and fuel pump.
  4. The engine has been sitting for 6 to 8 months. I have turned the engine by hand. And unfortunately I don't have any lights hooked up to check to see if they dim. I just purchased the battery and the rebuilt starter was completely overhauled. I cleaned the cables a little bit but could it be they need to be replaced?
  5. hello i just got my rebuilt starter and solenoid. Bench tested the thing and the plunger activates and cranks. Bought a new 6 volt battery. Placed items in the car and it will click but no crank. Sometimes it wont even click. Took out benched tested and it still works nothing got fried. Put back in and clicks no crank. Could the engine have seized and is there a good way to manually crank. Or any other help would be much appreciated. I have been workign on this issue for some time. I made sure there was a good ground.
  6. I believe the carb is the same. Everything looks right except it doesnt have that portion you highlighted. And I have one starter out of vehicle and one is in it
  7. I did forget to mention that my carb does not have that piece like in the picture
  8. Well I tried the above. Think my whole starter is shot. Made sure the battery had good charge. Might just have to buy a new one.
  9. Thanks so much for laying this out for me. I believe the starter relay is connected to the solenoid and then after 1950 they separated the two. I will keep ya'll posted on the progress.
  10. Sorry Im not familiar with jumping wires on the carb. Do you mean like a short with a scrwdriver? Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.
  11. Hello Everyone I am in the process of restoring a 1950 buick special 2dr jetback. All of a sudden I get no action from starter and no action from the plunger. I had order a replacement starter and solenoid. Whhen I recieved the piece it was from a 51 or later because the starter relay switch is not connected to the soleniod. I am looking for a way to either 1. test original starter to find out what is wrong. 2. Just buy a relay switch and add on. 3. find another 50 starter. I dont know if its the switch, the starter, or the solenoid itself. Any ideas or input would be great.
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