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  1. I am selling my 170 v roadster at the moment. http://www.prewarcar.com/index.php?option=com_caradvert&view=ad&section_id=1&id=226892&Itemid=432
  2. http://www.prewarcar.com/classifieds/ad224068.html http://www.prewarcar.com/classifieds/ad224069.html
  3. Hello Markus, I know your Topic on scale motorcars.com , amazing work thumbs up i think on this forum you got the answers of a lot of your questions. For instance ,After you made the lock of the dickey seat i saw your topic for the first time. It was no problem for me to make the pictures of the key lock. I make model steamlocomotives 1;87 out of brass Jan
  4. https://www.classic-trader.com/de/magazin/mercedes-benz-540-k-originaler-wirds-nicht
  5. http://www.prewarcar.com/classifieds/ad203134.html
  6. I think the V12 is in the Netherlands now? http://www.powerful-cars.com/php/mercedes/1939-w29-540k-600-cabriolet-c-voll-ruhrbeck.php
  7. lovely sound of the compressors IMG_6807.mp4
  8. Other pictures Classic Days at Schloss Dyck Germany 200 cab B long wheelbase
  9. To bad , as you wrote this ,i was next to the brown special roadster at the Classic Days at Schloss Dyck Germany
  10. 380K conv http://www.prewarcar.com/classifieds/ad202941.html
  11. 540 aktion P http://ww3.autoscout24.de/classified/287990967?asrc=st|as
  12. Wow Hans, Nice What happend with the 230 OTP ? groetjes Jan
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