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  1. I am looking for the cast brackets that attach the rear spring to the frame. See attached picture. Any help locating these is much appreciated.
  2. Yes, please post pics. I was looking for spindles only but a better axle couldn't hurt. Thank you!
  3. 1916 through 1924. I know there are slight variations between the series 9 and 10 but I can make either work.
  4. I have a Franklin tube axle that is missing the spindles. Any help is greatly appreciated. Eric
  5. Can anyone provide me with any information on Buffalo wire wheels used in early circle track racing? Did Buffalo make wires specifically for circle track racing or were they adopted from early production vehicles? Did they ever make drop center dental drives like the later Daytons? Lastly, what rim sizes came on #4's. Any information is greatly appreciated.
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