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  1. I have a 1941 ford woody project for sale. This is a very complete car. Many aspects of the 41 model year woody are unique to that year and all of the hard pieces to locate are here. Most of the wood needs replaced but there are savable pieces on the interior. The floors are all there. As you would expect there are areas that need repaired on the floors. The rockers also need repair. All of the glass is original ford. It has 1951 mercury engine in it. It was last started and driven in 1974. I have a few extra parts for it that go with the car. Please message me with e-mail address for more pictures. Please specify if you would like pictures of specific areas. I have a clear title in my name. Asking price is $6,500 obo.
  2. Here are some interior pictures
  3. Here are some profile pictures of the 41 woody
  4. Today is the first nice day I didn't have to work so here is a woody update. Overall the floor is all there but needs patch work. The rockers need attention as well. I am told that this is a late production 41 due to the trim and 5 digit number on the firewall. A few people who have looked at it have been amazed at how complete it is and showed me the many details that make this a 1 year only woody. Now that I have a clear title in my name it is for sale. I hope it makes someone a good project.
  5. I have a pair of 37 Chrysler airflow glass headlight lenses. There are a few small flaws on the flange that is concealed when on the car. Otherwise they are very nice. $200 obo plus shipping.
  6. Made it home. I'll be cleaning the inside and posting pictures of the floor soon. Except for the wood, the car is much more solid than I expected. It has a later 8CM 255" engine in it.
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies. The car does have a 3rd seat. I will be removing the debris out of the car and evaluating the overall condition before posting it for sale. I'm glad I am able to save this car before it turns back to soil and iron ore.
  8. Are there any woody experts here I can contact regarding a 41 ford woody? I may sell one and am looking for fair market value for a complete car with good steel but roached wood, really roached wood.
  9. Yes, I am looking for floor shifter parts. Thanks
  10. Hello. I am in search of shifter parts for a 1938 chevy. I need the top cover, shifter interlock and the shifter itself. Prefer NOS or very good used parts. Any help is greatly appreciated. The GM part numbers are as follows: Top Cover: 590859 Interlock: 590856 Shifter: 591219 Thank You
  11. It looks like Series 9B lengthened the spindle nose by 1-19/32". This is why my Series 9A spindles will not fit my Buffalo #4 wheel hubs. I don't suppose anyone has a pair of 9B spindles they will part with?
  12. Hello. Can anyone tell me if Franklin made different length spindles for the series 9 and 10 cars. I am speaking specifically about the distance between the inner and outer bearings. The 1917 series 9A that I have measures approximately 3" from the outside faces of the inner and outer bearings. It seems to me that this distance increased on later models. I am just looking to get educated on the differences here on only the series 9 and 10 cars. Thanks in advance.
  13. I am looking for a pair of nice front leaf springs for a 32 Chevy. I am sure other years will fit but I don't know what years used the same spring. Thanks in advance.
  14. I am looking for the cast brackets that attach the rear spring to the frame. See attached picture. Any help locating these is much appreciated.
  15. Yes, please post pics. I was looking for spindles only but a better axle couldn't hurt. Thank you!
  16. 1916 through 1924. I know there are slight variations between the series 9 and 10 but I can make either work.
  17. Help in locating elliot style Franklin spindles.
  18. I have a Franklin tube axle that is missing the spindles. Any help is greatly appreciated. Eric
  19. Can anyone provide me with any information on Buffalo wire wheels used in early circle track racing? Did Buffalo make wires specifically for circle track racing or were they adopted from early production vehicles? Did they ever make drop center dental drives like the later Daytons? Lastly, what rim sizes came on #4's. Any information is greatly appreciated.