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  1. Bill: I dont know if you are still looking. I have come into an NOS clock complete with the box, pic attached. let me know if you have interest. I have had 2 of these in 6 years of selling clocks.
  2. reconditioned clock http://www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com/1935-1936-Ford-Clock-Rare-p/cl-f-1936.htm
  3. yes, the face is different but I think the dimensions are the same. Possibly the same clock except the graphics are different
  4. I have never actually seen one though I have seen the deletes and assume the clock has the same graphics. I believe the 1942 clock that I have will fit your dash though I am not positive. The one I have is 5-1/4" wide x 5" tall. http://www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com/1942-Dodge-Clock-Custom-Deluxe-p/cl-d-1942.htm Jim
  5. http://www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com/category-s/1831.htm follow the above link to more studebaker parts
  6. Greg: Thanks for the conversation. This is one of my favorite parts in this hobby, the research. Not prodding but i hope it's still here when you find one. Best Jim
  7. Greg: that is an excellent point, yes, the clock sets from behind..that is only present on glove box clocks..or as in the case of the 1949 cadillac, on a fold out bezel. Jim
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