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  1. Bill: I dont know if you are still looking. I have come into an NOS clock complete with the box, pic attached. let me know if you have interest. I have had 2 of these in 6 years of selling clocks.
  2. Hello David. Just now seeing this. Can I still help you at this point?
  3. Ideal business for a retired person with a passion for classic cars. Lucrative business generates 50-70k per year working part time. Sale includes website, training, and complete inventory of over 600 clocks. grows at approx. 20%/year. many avenues for expansion. Google an car clock from 1935-1975 and my site is on the first page. Visit the website and contact me from there if interested. Jim http://www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com/
  4. http://www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com/1940-Studebaker-Clock-Commander-President-Excelle-p/cl-s-1940.htm glove box door also available
  5. http://www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=1941+dodge&Submit=
  6. reconditioned clock http://www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com/1935-1936-Ford-Clock-Rare-p/cl-f-1936.htm
  7. Immaculate working condition www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com
  8. This pull string clock has been cleaned and lubricated, has an excellent face and hands www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com
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