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  1. I am looking for some help to replace a head gasket on my 1932 REO Flying Cloud in Rochester NY. Thank you for suggestions!
  2. Late breaking news- I find myself in need of tires for my model A. So I could trade these tires for 4 each 4.50 X 21 - inch blackwalls for my model A in similar condition. Thank you Joe Scanlon
  3. Four (4) each Riverside 5.25/5.50X17 blackwall tires are a matched set with plenty of life left. $250. Located Rochester NY. Shipping can be arranged. Thank you. email to :
  4. Yes, these tires are still for sale. Shipping can be arranged. And thanks, Walt G for the suggestion. Will do. Thank you. Joe
  5. I will be spending February and March at St. Simon's Island GA. If you would like a helping hand from an antique car owner since 1960 let me know. I have a 1932 REO Flying Cloud and could use some activity to keep me busy. Thank you. Joe Scanlon
  6. Four (4) each Riverside 5.25/5.50X17 blackwall tires are a matched set with plenty of life left. $250. Located Rochester NY. Prefer pickup. Thank you. Joe Scanlon
  7. My 1932 Reo Flying Cloud 6-cylinder has a Stromberg EX-2 carburetor. My research says it should have an EX-32. Except for the cast base, the upper looks just like chistech's EC-2. Could someone please educate me what the difference might be between mine and the EX-32? Should I be looking for the EX-32? Thank you.
  8. John - could you please send pictures to Thank you. Joe Scanlon
  9. Wanted - speedometer cable for 1932 REO Flying Cloud Sport model. Thank you.
  10. I have a matched set of four 5.25-5.50 X 17's if that would help.
  11. Just an FYI about brake parts - Empire Radiator in Rochester NY made up the new brake hoses for my REO. They made them up the same day I brought them in! Great workmanship, friendly service, and... reasonable prices! The local auto parts stores pretty much laughed at me when I told them I was looking for brake parts for a 1932 REO. :-)
  12. I took Curti's suggestion and sent my parts to Rob & Brad at Brake & Equipt. Warehouse in Minneapolis. They turned everything around in less than the two weeks that they estimated. The parts look like brand new - just like they assured me they would! Oh, by the way - they pay for the return shipping, too! I would definitely use them again! Thanks for the suggestion, Auburn Guy! :-)
  13. My 1932 REO Flying Cloud is ready to go - once I rebuild the brakes! I would appreciate your help in locating master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses and brake shoes for my 1932 REO Flying Cloud Model S. It would be helpful to even if you could share the Wagner-Lockheed part numbers! Thank you! Joe Scanlon email Phone 585 721 6559 EDT