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    Currently owns a 1931 Model A Ford Town Sedan driver. Always searching for a 1933 Chrysler Royal 8 driver - my first love. Have restored cars, trucks, power shovels and bulldozers.

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  1. I will be spending February and March at St. Simon's Island GA. If you would like a helping hand from an antique car owner since 1960 let me know. I have a 1932 REO Flying Cloud and could use some activity to keep me busy. Thank you. Joe Scanlon
  2. Four (4) each Riverside 5.25/5.50X17 blackwall tires are a matched set with plenty of life left. $250. Located Rochester NY. Prefer pickup. Thank you. Joe Scanlon
  3. My 1932 Reo Flying Cloud 6-cylinder has a Stromberg EX-2 carburetor. My research says it should have an EX-32. Except for the cast base, the upper looks just like chistech's EC-2. Could someone please educate me what the difference might be between mine and the EX-32? Should I be looking for the EX-32? Thank you.
  4. John - could you please send pictures to Thank you. Joe Scanlon
  5. Wanted - speedometer cable for 1932 REO Flying Cloud Sport model. Thank you.
  6. I have a matched set of four 5.25-5.50 X 17's if that would help.
  7. Just an FYI about brake parts - Empire Radiator in Rochester NY made up the new brake hoses for my REO. They made them up the same day I brought them in! Great workmanship, friendly service, and... reasonable prices! The local auto parts stores pretty much laughed at me when I told them I was looking for brake parts for a 1932 REO. :-)
  8. I took Curti's suggestion and sent my parts to Rob & Brad at Brake & Equipt. Warehouse in Minneapolis. They turned everything around in less than the two weeks that they estimated. The parts look like brand new - just like they assured me they would! Oh, by the way - they pay for the return shipping, too! I would definitely use them again! Thanks for the suggestion, Auburn Guy! :-)
  9. My 1932 REO Flying Cloud is ready to go - once I rebuild the brakes! I would appreciate your help in locating master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses and brake shoes for my 1932 REO Flying Cloud Model S. It would be helpful to even if you could share the Wagner-Lockheed part numbers! Thank you! Joe Scanlon email Phone 585 721 6559 EDT
  10. My interest in the 1932 Reo came from a desire to find a 1933 Chrysler Royal Eight like the one I owned in the '60's, shown with me and my girlfriend Mary. This year Mary and I will celebrate 50 years of marriage. The Reo is an almost perfect match for my quest. Besides, the Reo is in beautiful condition! I actually know where my original car is, but it would need a total restoration - beyond my abilities today. This summer the Reo will play a big part in our anniversary celebration, thanks to Ken and Lorne Findlay!
  11. I purchased this car from Mr. Findlay based upon the many photos and his extensive description. When I received the car I was astonished to find that it was in even better condition than the pictures show. Mr. Findlay even took it upon himself to repair the right front fender and eliminate the stone chips before he sent me the car! Mr. Wayne Linfoot hauled the car across the border and even stored it at his facility in order to make it more convenient for the US hauler to coordinate picking it up. The Thomas G. Sunday Company hauled it from Blaine, Washington to Rochester New York and even drove it into the garage for me! Charlene Mahoney and Fred Williams at Sunday made this process a worry-free adventure. This is the best antique vehicle I've ever owned, and all of the people involved deserve my thanks. If you're considering having a car moved, I highly recommend Wayne Linfoot and The Thomas G. Sunday Company. You may find cheaper haulers. You won't find better! If you ever deal with Mr. Ken Findlay you'll deal with a true gentleman of the old car hobby.
  12. My 1931 Murray Body Slant Windshield Town Sedan is for sale. I purchased the car in 2010. This car was first restored in the 1970’s. The frame, underside of the fenders, etc. were painted in the original restoration. In 2013 I had the engine and transmission professionally rebuilt by Tom Stewart at Flathead Fords, Churchville NY. Tom also installed a new radiator and a clutch, removed, cleaned and sealed the gas tank, rebuilt the steering box and replaced the wiring harness. At that time the odometer read 77,065 miles. Since then the replacement running boards were removed and the underside painted. New Lucas black wall tires were mounted. The interior cowl panels have been replaced. Front wheel bearings have been replaced. New engine splash pans have been installed. As of today, the odometer reads 78,087 miles. The car is quite presentable the way it is, but if you wanted to make it even prettier you could repaint the front fenders and replace the splash aprons. A new set of Mac’s splash aprons, already finish painted, will be included with the sale of the car. The car does not have shock absorbers, and the exhaust system is fine. The soft top is fine, as is the mohair interior, which was replaced during the original restoration. If you want a driver, I don’t think you’ll find one in better mechanical condition. A Les Andrews Model A Shop Manual and a reprint Ford Owner’s manual are included. Turn the key, press the starter and go! Offered at $14,900, the car is located in Rochester NY Phone 585 721 6559 email:
  13. Wanted - 1925 Continental 4-cylinder truck engine or a flywheel with starter ring gear. Our serial number is 1324n47xxx. Any leads appreciated. Thank you. Joe Scanlon Phone 585 721 6559