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  1. Just wanted to give a big Thank You to David Lemke. David sold me controller for my 88 that operates the blend box (cold to warm air). I can now from the touch screen have either A/C or Heat. In Texas this time of year you switch back and forth a lot. Again Thank you David. You saved me. And thanks to this forum and it's supporters.
  2. I am still looking for a controller for the climate control blend box. I affixed the arm to cold for the summer but now would like to change to heat. I have an 88 model. I have actually parked the car in the garage and am driving my other car here in Texas. I take the 88 out every couple of weeks to run the engine and gives me time to clean the garage from my other projects.
  3. Good Luck. Sorry to join the conversation late. Have read this thread in full as one day my 88 may be doing the same thing. In a wild ass guess I think you are going to find a clogged fuel pump strainer. You will only know when you remove the fuel pump. Take the time and have the fuel tank cleaned of debris. Question? When you changed the fuel filter was it clogged? Did it have debris in the casing? It may not be your engine getting hot as movement stirs up sediment that falls away while sitting. Not now but later I would be interested in the amount of ethanol is used in Vermont.
  4. Most parts houses sell new ones for less than $25.00 . I assume your talking low pressure switch. Re did my 88 complete system 2 years ago and found almost all part locally available.
  5. Got mine done a couple of years ago for about $3200.00. I might suggest having the center console done at the same time in leather to get a perfect match. Mine had to be hand made and after a close look there is a lot of stitching in them.
  6. today had to remove the rear wheels and tighten the parking brake arms to stop that annoying rattle.
  7. Looks Great. I'm impressed the radiator overflow looks clean on the inside.
  8. Thanks, Had the dash off before. The defroster grill was tricky. I remounted it in a way that it would remove easily as I figured I would someday need to get back in there. Thankfully my dash is in good shape as the car has been garaged since it was new. Just rolled 85,000 miles. Even now I try to park in the shade when I take it out. Every time I get into reading this forum I come up with new projects to fine tune some part of my car. I was thinking of rear struts then I read about replacing the rear brake with those from a caddy. Sounds like a great idea and may do the whole rear end rebuild soon. Struts, brakes, bushings, and anything else that may need replacing. If I didn't enjoy the projects I would sell my Reatta and take up another hobby.
  9. Thanks, Dashboard or Instrument Dash console? Is upper dashboard the upper dash board? Lost in translation. Thanks again.
  10. I think that would be the external sensor. The on board diagnostics, thanks Ronnie for the link, shows the internal sensor failed. My guess in looking for the part and reading about it I expect it to be near the return air intake under the dash. Thanks
  11. Mostly cleaning between rain events. Did time to run diagnostics on my 1988. Started chasing down Climate Sensor problem. It appears to be the internal sensor. Showing -39. If someone could save me some time and tell me where its located it would be appreciated.
  12. Replaced the water pump. Not a hard job. The pumps bearings failed. The impeller was rubbing inside and caused some damage to the cover plate. Flushed and refilled and am now ready for summer.
  13. In 2013, by accident found a garaged well maintained 88, Red/Gray, sunroof, with 64,000 miles. Owner still had the window sticker and everything else that came with the car. He even gave me the Dealer plastic model of the car. The dealer who was only allotted 1 Reatta for sale. This car was bought from a Ft. Worth Texas dealer (since gone) and is now here in my Dallas Texas garage. Whenever I take it out with my wife we always get comments from people. She tells me we are never selling this car. A lot of people would like to have a Reatta but most for sale would exceed there value to restore. I saw one a few days ago on Craigslist for $1000.00 but needed at least $4000.00 on just paint and leather alone. Rarity is one thing but replacement cost according to insurance companies holds back appreciation in the car. I insisted on a higher value and paid extra to insure mine for $10,000.00. To bring a $1000 Reatta back to show is at least $9000.00. Insuring your car to its value to replace in like condition is one way the Reatta's will see future collectable status. By the way, I like my Reattta because its fun.
  14. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY 88. I have tightened the parking brake arm off a few time but it always works itself loose. Would appreciate a little more info on how you corrected the problem. I will soon be replacing the rear shocks and would want to fix this brake rattle while I have the car up.
  15. Good Idea. How did this work out for you. My 88 needs, I've been rebuilding for the past three years, need some help on the radio. I like the original look but want something behind the tape deck cover with updated technology. I understand your thinking on adapting the current electronic configuration and am comparing to a total retrofit but keeping the CRT in play.