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  1. I appreciate the fruit of all of your experiences. The serial number is H98364. In the photo you will notice that the steering wheel appears to be a 1941, so at least the grill and steering wheel are a match (I do have the horn ring, but no center logo). Today I will put a picture of the engine on the forum to try to find out what engine that I have and try to find a rebuild kit for the four barrel carb. Earl Brown has been very helpful and I have a library coming my way from his catalog. Thank you for the offer of the emblem, among the boxes of stuff packed inside the car, I found a pristine V-12 emblem and have already attached it. I was looking at one of the three drive shafts that came with the car and one of them was completely destroyed (it appeared that C-4 had been detonated inside it), I assume the previous owner forgot about the weight of this vehicle, the power of his new engine and let the clutch out too fast. I have two good drive shafts but will be very careful in power application. Thanks again for your interest and advice.
  2. Thank you for the warning on the engine, we will be careful in the application of power. Bernie is a great guy that I met years ago (he is the father of a neighbor), in fact he got my then 14 year old son all worked up about a basket case, '43 GPW, Jeep, that I ended up restoring because my son changed his mind and confiscated my '66 parts mustang for his first car. Bernie turns 88 this month and gets almost teary eyed about his close friend and seeing his Cabriolet on the road again. Back in the early 50s, Bernie also owned a '40 Cabriolet but (is this a typical story or what) sold it when he got married and started a family.
  3. Good eye, actually it is an old player piano and I have not tried to negotiate for it yet. My partner, the guy that helped the owner paint and modify this car back in '52 and '53, and I plan to get it running with the current engine and then decide how to proceed. I am one of those guys that loves original, but may change my mind once we have it on the street. As a side light, the previous owner also installed a Bendix Power Brake Booster but is using the original brake system.
  4. Out in the bright sunlight at her new home.
  5. Thank you for all of your help so far. I finally figured out how to load a picture, I hope, to the forum. This beauty was last registered in Arizona in 1958 and parked shortly after that in this parking spot in the owner's shop. Sadly, he put a early 50s Lincoln overhead valve V-8 under the hood and did a nice job without doing any cutting. It is bolted to the original three speed transmission. I found a mostly complete V-12 buried in the shop and another one that was completely dismantled. We think that the car was originally purchased in Southern California, this owner bought it in 1951 and he took it with him when he moved to Arizona in the mid-fifties. Absolutely no rust anywhere. As you can imagine, I am pretty excited.
  6. Thank you Sir, that is exactly what I needed to know. I am still trying to get a hold of Brown, can't wait to get some good reading material. Ron
  7. Thank you very much John, I left a message for him this morning. I got the hood open yesterday and found a early 50's V8 in the place of the V12. It looks like it was bolted directly to the original transmission and there appears to be no cutting or modification to the sheet metal or frame. My plan is to get it on the road again and then start the V12 rebuild project. I will drop the fuel tank and clean the lines and then start on the brakes. Can you recommend a vendor for Master, Slave rebuild kits and flex brake lines?
  8. Thanks, I will start looking for it and order the book from the LZOC.
  9. I need advice from all of you experienced restorers and maintainers as to which books and manuals that I need to get started on my '40 Cabriolet. I have absolutely nothing except for a 1942 Motors Manual and am in dire need of instruction. I would like to post a picture of my treasure but cannot figure out how to do that. I tried "Attach Files" but it did not work for me. Thanks.
  10. Thank you very much for your response, I will give it a try tomorrow. I still don't know how I am going to open the hood but saw some conversation in the forum and will start there. I assume that there is no cable release for the hood.
  11. I am a new member and I just acquired a 1940 Cabriolet, I have no manuals yet and have a couple of questions. The engine is not running (last run in '58) and I would like to lower the top, can the motor be disconnected and the top lowered without vacuum? Does this vehicle have a cable release for the hood and where is it located? I appreciate any help that you can give me. By the way the serial number is H98364 and the previous owner was a member of the LCOC. Thanks. Ron
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