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  1. the motor turns with the hand crank, and the tranny shifts. looked like it had the tilitson carb with air cleaner. the guy is in Winchester virgina. 1932 Dodge truck chassis http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/6160953539.html
  2. is any one interested in chasis parts from a 11/2 ton or 2 ton truck. not sure which one it is. could even be a 1931 model. it is a 158" wheel base. steel wheels.
  3. here I have for sale is two wire wheels believed to be 29-30 Chrysler. they are in rough shape. one wheel has a rust spot eat thru the rim. both have the two piece rim. I am asking $50 a piece or best reasonable offer. if you have comments or questions feel free to comment. thanks
  4. hey thanks john, I had Plymouth on the brain for some reason. I have corrected the listing and moved it to the buy and sell forum with pics.
  5. I have a complete rotating assembly out of a 1926 or 1927 Plymouth coupe. it is only the block, oil pan, crank, rods with pistons, and cam. the timing chain is still in the timing case cover. the flywheel and clutch are still attached. the hole assembly rotates easy by hand. would be good spare parts for original restore. figuring $200 for the whole thing or will part out. if interested send me requests and I can send pics. I also have 2 wire wheels believed to be 29-30 Chrysler in rough shape. still has the lock rings on the wheels. $50 a piece or best off on them, pics on request.
  6. hey farrellg. I would be interested in the out come of your new wood pieces and the assembly process of putting the rear of the cab together. mine most of the wood is gone and didn't have the roof on it. some times I just look at the cab and think of how the right progression of dismantleing the cab in a certain or soit would be reversed putting it back together. the door thresholds sound interesting too.
  7. my fault that's two engine splash aprons for a 1930 Plymouth u sedan 4cylinder.
  8. I have to engine splash aprons that came off a 1930 Plymouth u sedan. pm if interested. thanks carl
  9. some times a pic is worth a thousand words!
  10. hey fun builder59, I have a used control valve unit if you are interested. ford also used this same set up on their trucks of the late 60's. I don't know if the valves are the same and just the drag link hookup parts are different or if they are totally different. I had a 66 dodge 3/4 ton truck with this type set up on it. they are touchy. when they work they work good when they have issues it seems like its hard to get back to normal. if you like I could send some pics of the one I have. I also have some dodge truck parts books that have an exploded view of the control valve. I have not got the hang of posting pics on here I have gotten lucky in the past but do not remember how to do it. the pic has to be down sized I think. just let me know if interested. thanks carl
  11. Will be going to Hershey in OCT. pm me if interested.
  12. I have a 3 speed transmission from a 1930 Plymouth model u sedan. It was a running and driving car. my research shows it fitting several applications. the Hollander says chry 30-31 cj,6 Desoto 28-30 k6 dodge 29-30 1/2 ton merchant exspress Erskine 29-30 model 52,53 fargo 28-32 packet 1/2t Plymouth 28-31 to car searial#1561283 t2c-8 cluster t2c-11 h&I t2c-16 m.d.g IN THE WRECKERS BOOK IT SHOWS. AUBURN 29,6-80. 6-85L Aburn 30, 6-85 ab. 6-85L-2966 CHRYSLER 30-31 JR. 6,CJ DESOTO 28-30 BEL. 5,000,001 DODGE TRUCK 30-31 F SERIES, 3/4 TON 4 CYLINDER DODGE TRUCK 31-32 VF10,VF10A,CONADIAN BUILT 8,900,044 ELCAR 30-31 MODEL 75-95 ERSKINE 28-30, 6 AB. 5,019,830 FARGO TRUCK 28-29, PACKET FARGO TRUCK 31-32, PACKET AB. SERIAL #EE306 E GRAHAM 30, 6 STD GRAHAM 31-32, 56 PROSPERITY 6, ABOVE 1515001 GRAHAM 33-GRAHAM 6 GRAHAM PAIGE 28, 610 LATE GRAHAM PAIGE 29, 612 GRAHAM PAIGE 30, 2ND SERIES ,STD 6 MARMON 29-30, Q,T. 8 CYLINDER PLYMOUTH 29-31, 4 CYLINDER PLYMOUTH 30-31, CONADIAN ABOVE 9,300,001; AMERICAN 1,561,283 PLYMOUTH 30-31, ABOVE 1,561,283 ROOSEVELT 29-30, 8 CYLINDER. (CLUTCH SHAFT HIGH GEAR SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT)
  13. I have a 1930 Plymouth model u 3 speed trans up for sale. it came out of a running car. this trans does fit other applications. if interested pm me. I will be going to Hershey in oct so if anyone is interested I can bring to Hershey. if you have questions ask. thanks carl
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