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  1. ROMAR does ship Internationally. We can be reached at our Website romardb.com. Our Facebook page at romardb,. Our Email romardb@frontier.com. Or by calling (315)924-2490. We also respond to text messages at (315)924-2490, and Facebook messenger. We certainly make every attempt to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.
  2. That makes sense. I bet someone used it to replace the handle to an old clock key.
  3. I need some help to identify the item in the picture. I believe it is a clock key but not sure. It is embossed with Ford in script.
  4. Jay, I am interested. I sent you a private message.
  5. You are probably right. At least in the short term.
  6. Having purchased the assets of ROMAR and the Barker Machine Shop, ROMAR will now be know as ROMAR DB Parts and Services. I will continue to provide the same great parts and services you have come to expect from ROMAR. We all wish Vern and Florence the best in retirement. ROMAR DB Parts and Services can be reached at www.romardb.com, by email: romardb@frontier.com or by calling 315-924-2490. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  7. Thanks for the info. I have joined the pre-1940 group on Facebook. Seems like the Holley NH was a replacement for this motor.
  8. We have found a Prestolite tank locally. So making progress. We are trying to determine if we have the right carb. What is on it is a Holly NH. Not sure if this is original. Can any one tell me? Also, what kind of pressure regulator was on the Prestolite tank? Thanks.
  9. Jim, thanks for the reply and pictures. I will try to find out if there is a plate and try and get some photos. -George
  10. I am assisting a friend with a restoration on what is believed to be a 1908 International Auto Buggy or Wagon. This vehicle does have the short hood in front. We are looking for a some pictures of various parts. There are two linkages on the carburetor, but only one is connected and we believe we are missing some of the linkage. Also, on the right side of the vehicle under the running board was a tank of some sort, brackets are there, but no tank. Lastly, the headlights are there, but the oil buggy lights mounted to the firewall are missing. We have the brackets, but the lamps are gone.
  11. I use a place in Rochester New York. Rochester Clutch and Brake. They have trued out of round drums for me in the past. I am not sure if they do spray welding, but they do have a great deal of info on the original manufacturer specs. As a side note, they are great with clutches. They can rebuild and original clutch disk if all you have left is the splined collar. Great guys to work with, good turnaround. If nothing else, a good resource to ask questions.
  12. Yea, if you can find where, would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I pulled it out today, these are just press fit. Spring is still there but must be rusted. I was able to get it much better with some emery cloth. May have been peened a bit on top. But I am sure it is shot. Question, since this is for oil, should water even be behind it? Is this a sign of another seal or packing leaking?
  14. I believe this to be the grease or oil fitting. What I don't know is this just indicate that there is not enough oil/grease in the pump or a bigger problem? Also, my instruction book calls for engine oil in this fitting.
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