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  1. Sorry,that post is almost two years old,those parts are gone now. I didn't realize it was still up, apparently they don't expire.
  2. i have a lot of vintage parts for sale. two aluminum mopar flywheels,one a schiefer for a 67-69 dodge 440 300 dollars. i have a mallory dual point distributor for the low block mopar fits 350-361-383-400 engines.i need 165 for it. i have a 1949-50 olds 88-98 304 v-8 backdraft carb, been on a shelf for a while so will need a kit but is a complete carb. i need 175 for it. i have a few ford shock dogbones ,price varies a little depending on pair needed,send a needed length from stem to stem and i will let you know if i have something.i have a lot of vintage gauges,fuel pressure,oil pressure,fuel level,etc. also a 1935-36 plymouth coupe right window garnish molding. in very nice condition with no dings or twists,came from a arizona car. i need 140 for it. i have a pair of 1970 duster calipers for 150 dollars.theres more i cant put pics of up as i am at my limit. i have a spoon type gas pedal [34-35??] complete with part of the floor section its attached to, i have a canister type fuel filter, a edelbrock STR-14-45 manifold top only,a holley 1050 dominator carb, some vintage radiator caps and fuel caps,some bakelite, a vintage volkswagon air cleaner,a set of 1941 plymouth p11d coupe pedals and air cleaner.i have a opel gt fuel cap minus the key,a late 40s,early 50s ford horn ring.i have four radiators,a 1926 dodge brothers coupe,a 1937 chevy truck,a 1949 dodge coronet,and a 1942 ford flathead v-8. these would be expensive to ship though.as is untested. the 49 dodge came from a running car. i will add to this ad as i find more stuff. i will get a shipping quote from the post office before shipping so you know the exact cost. i use paypal friends and family or money order,its just a bit slower by snail mail. email with any questions or more pics you need of anything listed.
  3. i have acquired a quantity of vintage plug wire terminals. i believe them to be bakelite on some and just brass on the others. i have three styles,straight,90 degree and forked.i need 2.00 dollars apiece for the non-bakelite and 3.00 dollars each for the bakelite ones. i will ship them in a padded envelope and will get a shipping quote to your zip code before i ship so you know exactly how much it will cost. i use paypal friends and family or money order,it just takes a bit longer by snail mail.
  4. this may be a long shot but do you still have the air cooled powerglide?
  5. Let me get ahold of my uncle and see if they are still available,o will let you know when I do.
  6. my uncle in mesa AZ has found some studebaker rockne parts,i believe them to be "65" parts. the man that has them swears they are 31 rockne ,but i believe them to be 32 parts for obvious reasons, from what i read in my research,if its a 31 i think it would have to be prototype. i believe the whole drivetrain is there,motor,trans,rear end, and front axle too,as he rodded the rest. i have no pics of the parts yet but am working on it. just throwing it out to see if someone has a interest? they would need to be picked up in mesa.
  7. my uncle built a 24 dodge brothers roadster and used the best of the best as he was planning on it being his last build. he got rear ended at a red light by a guy doing 40 miles an hour in a truck.he is looking for another fuel tank so he can see if he can fix his car up again.please let me know if you have one or know someone who might be able to help us out.
  8. i have a used carter carb for the 49-50 oldsmobile rocket V-8 engines.i believe they are a 304 ci.been sitting on a shelf a while so needs a good cleaning and probably a carb kit install.i need 175 for it plus shipping from iowa.according to the tag number its for a 1950 olds 88 and 98.
  9. 1 pair of zenith model A carbs. 100 each plus shipping.
  10. i have a tailight in decent shape for 200 dollars, a motometer tested good for 250 dollars, and 4 bearing caps for 115 dollars. buyer pays shipping costs of course. we bought these from ebay for a project build and sold the car so we just need our money back from the purchase. email with any questions or if you need more pics.
  11. curious if any of you might know what this gauge is originally from. its aluminum and would have had a cork float of course.it has 6T6A49 cast into the back of it.thanks for any info you can give me.
  12. we have a set of front brakes from a 1940 ford car. these came from a running,driving car and are complete from the backing plates out. no spindles but everything else. shoes,back plates,drums etc. we are asking 375 for the set plus shipping of course. the pic is the car they are from and nothing else is for sale, just the brake sets. we put discs on it instead. these are located in mesa az.
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