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  1. i have a lot of vintage parts for sale. two aluminum mopar flywheels,one a schiefer for a 67-69 dodge 440 and one for a 1965 dodge 8 bolt hemi. both never run but the eight bolt was mounted on a motor. 350 each. i have a mallory dual point distributor for the low block mopar fits 350-361-383-400 engines.i need 165 for it. i have a 1949-50 olds 88-98 304 v-8 backdraft carb, been on a shelf for a while so will need a kit but is a complete carb. i need 175 for it. i have a few ford shock dogbones ,price varies a little depending on pair needed,send a needed length from stem to stem and i will l
  2. i have acquired a quantity of vintage plug wire terminals. i believe them to be bakelite on some and just brass on the others. i have three styles,straight,90 degree and forked.i need 2.00 dollars apiece for the non-bakelite and 3.00 dollars each for the bakelite ones. i will ship them in a padded envelope and will get a shipping quote to your zip code before i ship so you know exactly how much it will cost. i use paypal friends and family or money order,it just takes a bit longer by snail mail.
  3. this may be a long shot but do you still have the air cooled powerglide?
  4. Let me get ahold of my uncle and see if they are still available,o will let you know when I do.
  5. my uncle in mesa AZ has found some studebaker rockne parts,i believe them to be "65" parts. the man that has them swears they are 31 rockne ,but i believe them to be 32 parts for obvious reasons, from what i read in my research,if its a 31 i think it would have to be prototype. i believe the whole drivetrain is there,motor,trans,rear end, and front axle too,as he rodded the rest. i have no pics of the parts yet but am working on it. just throwing it out to see if someone has a interest? they would need to be picked up in mesa.
  6. my uncle built a 24 dodge brothers roadster and used the best of the best as he was planning on it being his last build. he got rear ended at a red light by a guy doing 40 miles an hour in a truck.he is looking for another fuel tank so he can see if he can fix his car up again.please let me know if you have one or know someone who might be able to help us out.
  7. i have a used carter carb for the 49-50 oldsmobile rocket V-8 engines.i believe they are a 304 ci.been sitting on a shelf a while so needs a good cleaning and probably a carb kit install.i need 175 for it plus shipping from iowa.according to the tag number its for a 1950 olds 88 and 98.
  8. 1 pair of zenith model A carbs. 100 each plus shipping.
  9. i have a tailight in decent shape for 200 dollars, a motometer tested good for 250 dollars, and 4 bearing caps for 115 dollars. buyer pays shipping costs of course. we bought these from ebay for a project build and sold the car so we just need our money back from the purchase. email with any questions or if you need more pics.
  10. curious if any of you might know what this gauge is originally from. its aluminum and would have had a cork float of course.it has 6T6A49 cast into the back of it.thanks for any info you can give me.
  11. we have a set of front brakes from a 1940 ford car. these came from a running,driving car and are complete from the backing plates out. no spindles but everything else. shoes,back plates,drums etc. we are asking 375 for the set plus shipping of course. the pic is the car they are from and nothing else is for sale, just the brake sets. we put discs on it instead. these are located in mesa az.
  12. to begin with the price is not negotiable.12,500 firm. this is a completely fresh engine from top to bottom with too much to list. its a1962, stage 1, 413 max wedge. it has .070 over J+E pistons.clevite bearings, mopar solid lifter cam, isky rockers and pushrods, manley stainless valves 2.140 intake and 1.810 exhaust. rons valve guides, double roller timing chain, chrome pulleys, oil pan,etc. the pictures say a lot. it has richard petty max wedge nascar exhaust manifolds. a pair of 3705 carbs. high volume oil pump, etc. this thing is ready for your street rod or restoration, and its not the s
  13. my uncle has a 62 valiant k member and steering pars for sale in mesa AZ. it has basically been rebuilt. it has new ball joints,tie rod ends,a new pitman arm,a manual steering box, and has been fitted with 1970 dodge dart disc brake spindles. he might have a pair of calipers he would sell seperately if you wanted. asking 250 or best. send me a number to call if you are serious about seeing these parts and i will have him call you to set up a time thats good for both people. hes building a race car with a straight axle and does not need these any more. [picture for reference only]
  14. i have some lever action shock dog bones for sale. 20 dollars each, plus shipping.these will fit in a small flat rate box for 7 dollars and i will combine shipping on pairs.e-mail with any questions
  15. i have a reman or at least a very well cleaned and kitted carter carb for sale. 964s is the part number and the base is a 1-648. i believe this fits 37-52 or 53 chevy sixes but please do your own research for your application. i need 130 dollars for the carb, plus 14 dollars shipping to the lower 48. except for some dust from sitting in my shop its a very clean carb.it is a manual choke type.e-mail with any questions.
  16. what years will interchange with your 1940? i have a pair of 42 two door sedan doors sitting here but i dont know if they are interchange-able.
  17. thanks for the info,i am still looking for some lifters at least for the 17-18 hupmobile 4 cylinder. anyone have any ideas on any parts that will interchange with it i would appreciate the info. did they use the same lifters in the 6s or 8s?
  18. this is the number,i will get it removed from the engine and make sure it is all good and let you know. it will be heavy to ship but i will see if i can get a good shipping quote too. if you would like to email me your address for the quote it would be more accurate. my email address is memech123@yahoo.com
  19. did you find a manifold for your dodge yet? i have one i think is right on a 36 motor. i am in iowa. let me know if you are interested.
  20. i am looking for some lifters and possibly a head gasket for a 1918 hupmobile four cylinder engine. possibly a good camshaft also. please let me know what you have,a price and a picture if possible. email me at memech123@yahoo.com
  21. memech1


    i have a pair of houdaille rear shocks for 46-48 fords. they have been bead blasted and a coat of black paint to keep them from rusting up. both have the dogbones on them. both move as they should with good resistance and i see no oil leaks.they have the number F-745 on the arms. i can ship these in a large flat rate box for 19 dollars. i need 100 dollars for the pair.i could probably send these international but i would need to get a shipping quote for that.
  22. i have a good,vintage, used mallory dual point distributor,part number 2548201 and a mallory voltmaster mark 2 coil,part number 28675 for sale with a set of stainless braid plug wires to go with them. in very good condition. should be a plug and play.also has a extra pair of points with it. asking 275 for it all. i can ship for the postage amount. i prefer money order but can do paypal but would need to add 13 dollars to the price. Add Tag .
  23. i have a couple mopar distributors for sale. one is a chrysler part number 3690201 for a race hemi high block.it has the tach drive. this is a very tight unit and should be plug and play.i need 235 dollars for it plus shipping.the second one i have is a mallory dual point part number 2557701 that fits big block 350,361,383,400 low block motors.again this is a good tight unit. i also need 235 plus shipping for it. the last thing is a set of crane adjustable rocker arms. i dont have the shafts or spacers,just the rockers. i need 400 plus shipping for them.
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