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  1. Bought the car which was taken apart, trying to identify the parts or even if they belong also what's with the glove box door color, looks to be factory painted, Thanks
  2. Bringing up this topic again, is there nothing on the Willys Whippet on this site, it was a very common car 1926-1931 or so? Thanks
  3. Anybody out there with a 33/34 Chrysler grill they are willing to sell? let me know thanks Todd (no scammers) lakesidemetal@aol.com
  4. Yup this is the same guy but he was supposedly from Metaire, LA, same name though, so he did join the forum, good thing he's banned.
  5. Well it seems the scammers have got a whole lot smarter, first they are scoping the wanted ads "on this site" then going deep into the net to borrow (hard to find) photos and will even talk to you on the phone, but the one thing they will not do is send you the( fork next the part) photo to verify they have such part, whew I almost got taken and the prices were "not" too good to be true and the scammer was from the states, New Orleans area and knew a thing or two about cars, never get too excited about a rare find without triple checking and don't get frustrated when selling when someone checks you out.
  6. Say I was looking at a 33 parts car today but noticed it had wood wheels and the front fenders were non-welled? were these options back then? my car has welled fenders and wire rims.
  7. I have a 33 chrysler and am looking for a variety of parts, windshield frame/s, headlights, driver side headlight stand, tail lights,... hopefully some are available or it's time to start making some of them them, Thanks Todd 218-349-9547 call, text, or email lakesidemetal@aol.com
  8. Thanks Spinny, I also heard wood wheels were an option?
  9. Any luck finding parts, I also own a 33 and am looking for a few things?
  10. I just picked up a major project a 33 CO 6 , was trying to line up a couple more wire wheels but noticed the odd 5 on 5 bolt pattern, according to the chart I looked at it would not have that pattern, it's the same front and rear does not look to be any axle replacements?
  11. Two for one sale click on link, Thanks http://duluth.craigslist.org/cto/5565922193.html
  12. I have a rough 29 roadster and a49 Desoto coupe for sale both for $2900 see Duluth, MN craigslist http://duluth.craigslist.org/cto/5565922193.html
  13. Looking for a project convertible to work on pre 1954 any make and under $4000 thanks Todd lakesidemetal@aol.com 218-349-9547
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