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  1. It appears to be a 1908-09 Chalmers Detroit (40hp). This model was practically identical to it's predecessor, the Thomas-Detroit 40. At first glance, I was sure it was a Thomas-Detroit, but I believe Chalmers added the round name badge on the radiator when they took over.
  2. I've run into this old photo in the past, and often thought I'd like to see the rest of that particular car. Under the guidance of J. Frank de Causse, Locomobile turned out some great custom coachwork in those days. If you look at their literature of the teens and twenties, you see a mixture of very formal enclosed cars with older, carriage style elements as well as modern roadsters and pheatons with external exhaust pipes and long rakish fenders. It looks like most of Locomobile's cars for that show were customs, so I would assume the one to the left is no exception. I guess the plowshare style fenders of this car created a "retro" look at that time, harkening back styling of 17 or 18 years prior. Along those same lines, Locomobile also continued to offer brass trim well into the twenties, when it was well out of vogoue. As I understand it, their clientele may have been a more conservative crowd, in general.
  3. The light colored car in the backgound has front wheel brakes, which Locomobile began offering in 1923 or '24. All the cars seem to have Lovejoy shocks and front bumpers, which would also be characteristic of that period. As West said, Locomobile started offering drum lights in the teens, but the earlier style octagonal headlights (with built-in parking lights) remained available for quite a while. I had a '23 model 48 touring equipped with those. They probably preferred the more stylish drums lights for an auto show, which is where the photograph was taken.
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