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  1. There used to be a guy who advertised on Ebay and he made reproduction body tags for antique cars, the Lincoln being one of them. The photo of his product looked liked an exact replica of the body tag and I need one for my 41 Zephyr. Does anyone have a contact for someone who does this?
  2. I apologize to everyone for not getting back for a number of years. Life just got in the way. At any rate, I will soon be looking to start the restoration work on my dad's 41 Zephyr. I will be on here and other venues looking for the parts that were removed from the car. The biggest item being the engine and overdrive transmission. I am also looking for the headlight trim, the trim piece on the front between the two grills, the heater, the radio, front parking/turn signal light housings, the rear seat footrests, wheel trim rings, all these things were on the car when my dad owned it. I have acquired a few things, like some hubcaps and horns. Needing much more.
  3. Update. Car is loaded and leaving Ohio today, returning to her Texas roots. Now the work begins! Can't wait.
  4. I have verified that the car in question is indeed my dad's old Lincoln!! Have wired the money to Glenn, and am arranging shipping. Once I get the car and can take inventory, I will send out a plea for parts, or a good parts car with engine and overdrive transmission.
  5. I sure would like to talk to Mr. Brochstein. My number is 832.541.9871. Thanks. Also, the father in law is the father in law of the person who has the car now, not my father in law. He got the car from Gerald Brochstein of Detroit, who got the car from Tim Urban of Pasadena Texas, who got the car from my dad, Bill Dove of Livingston Texas. Thanks for your help!
  6. I have found the car. See thread "Searching for 41 Zephyr"
  7. New info. There is an anomoly with the title on the Zephyr. I do believe this is my dad's car, I need to verify that a Gerald Brochstein of Detroit, a car designer, is the person who bought the Zephyr from Tim Urban in Texas. Anyone out there know Mr. Brochstein?
  8. Jim, thanks, I would be interested in the engine. Do you know if the engines on these cars have matching numbers to the frame? Billy
  9. We have come to a deal!!!!! I will be selling my 58 Cadillac in order to finance this purchase and restoration. I will have it on Ebay and the AACA Cadillac forum soon. Will be looking for a V12 engine and original transmission as well as radio and heater, headlight trim, hubcaps and a few other pieces. Thanks everyone for your interest and support. Any parts leads will be appreciated.
  10. UPDATE. Have contacted Glenn, who has my Dad's 41 Zephyr. We are negotiating, hope we can reach a deal. Seems the original Michigan purchaser only wanted some parts off the car, he must have gotten it cheap, as now it is missing the engine, transmission, radio and various trim items that I can see from the photos. Still looks like th paint may shine out and the body looks solid, but it is my Dad's car. Will post if we can make a deal.
  11. I had the coolant tubes made up out of stainless steel. Work great on my car and have 5 more sets. Will sell. They cost me around 260.00 per set, and I will sell for my cost.
  12. I have a 1957 Mercedes 220S Ponton that I would like to add an overdrive to. It has the 4 speed manual with a 4:11 rear end. Any one ever done this or heard of a factory or after market unit that would fit this application?
  13. Still searching for H112450.
  14. Beautiful Zephyr!! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Still looking. Got a lead that a Mr. Dave Holls, now deceased, may have bought the car. He was head of GM styling at one time. Anyone know? Perhaps a contact of his surviving family? Thanks. Billy
  16. Is that the LZOC meet? I am not sure why someone would paint the car in a non original color, but I have seen stranger. The car is the same color as Wes's 48 a couple of posts up. Thanks for your reply, I really hope to find this car someday!
  17. Yes, I have done all that. Tx DMV surrendered title to Michigan DMV, but MI does not keep records back very far, and had no record. Lost the trail there, as stated in previous posts the car was sold from TX by Tim Urban to a gentlman in MI in 1993 who worked in GM's styling department. Have lost the trail there.
  18. Still searching for H112450, any leads out there?
  19. still haven't found H112-450, still looking.
  20. Here is some information from a previous thread on this forum, FYI with a little more information. "Just an update on my search for my Dad's 41 Zephyr. I have found out that he was a member of the LZOC in the early 70's. His member number was 353. Also the model number of the car I am seeking is 16H-73-3045 and the VIN is H112450. If there is a central registry for these cars, can anyone run these numbers and come up with a current owner? I am going to run the VIN through the DMV here in Texas and see what comes up." I appreciate everyone's help and responses. I will post my progress here as I continue my search for my Dad's 41 Zephyr. Thanks again everyone, happy holidays! Billy Dove
  21. Still searching, more info in post "photos of H112450" Thanks for everyone's replies andhelp. Billy
  22. What a great story!! I am so glad you were able to find your car. I hope I have the same luck and some LCOC or LZOC member has my Dad's car and contacts me. Thanks for sharing. Billy
  23. Jim, thanks!! Hopefully I can eventually find the car, my Dad really cherished that car. He worked for so many years on every little detail. Maybe your friend will remember something about someone having this car!! Wouldnt that be great!! There is more information on some of my earlier posts "searching for 41 Zephyr" and "searching for my dads 41 Zephyr" thanks again for any help or leads we can turn up. I believe the color is paradise green, I don't know if my dad guessed at the color or if it was on a trim tag or from a paint suppliers match list, I do know that he put it back to original, the way he remembered the car when he purchased it in the late 40's, he actally owned this car prior to he and my mom marrying, I remember in 1969 as we were getting ready to move from one part of town to another, convincing my dad to pull the "old Lincoln" out of the field and restore her. Billy
  24. Mssr Bwatoe, thanks, my dad had it repainted that original green color sometime in the early 80's, maybe mid 80's just prior to selling the car in 1988. Originally when he started restoring the car in 1969-1970 he had the car painted black. After a few years he decided to go back with the original green color, as he still had the interior and trim off the car. Billy