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  1. 1 hour ago, parkertom said:

    I hear ya. I guess my ‘16 Cascada will be my last new Buick as I have zero interest in SUVs.                                 I guess it means that I will be shifting away from Buick in the not too distant future for my primary means of transportation for the first time since I began driving. Eventually good low mileage Buick cars will become harder to find used.


    We moved from Buick for my wife when we decided to go the minivan route for the family vehicle many years ago.


  2. 1 hour ago, Tinindian said:

    I used the same exact  quote today re: going to Lowe’s on Black Friday or a root canal          Remember too, that many of them did not fit up to your/our/today's standards and to that misfit add more than half a century of uI

    se/misuse wear.


    Sitting or standing at the front parts counter of a GM dealership in the late fifties, sixties and early seventies I saw misfits on doors, hoods, trunk lids and fenders and misaligned chrome on perhaps ten percent of the new cars that were in the showroom.  The purchasers were so excited about their new car many/most never noticed the poor fit and finish.


    You can make it right as 60FlatTop said.

    Each time I had my engine out of my Pontiac, and I took pictures, counted shims and spacers and always marked pieces with a center punch it always took a full day or two to align the radiator shell, hood to the cowl.

    Good luck to you, I would rather have a root canal done than to try and align body parts.


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