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  2. Yes, any ‘50-‘52 Buick that I’ve seen had screws
  3. Almost looks too nice. Minnesota sends my antennae up
  5. If you read further, he’s asking $1K OBO
  6. Parts car at best. Asking $1K
  7. You don’t have to shovel humidity, so I’ll take that any day
  8. My book goes up to 1954. That number not in it
  9. Looks great! you must be happy to finally get it out of that painters' clutches
  10. Lamar, always thought you did a great job as moderator on this forum. Enjoy your travels as they are very well deserved! Being a moderator, like being a union delegate, can be a thankless job
  11. He moved to Jamaica 🇯🇲 I would try sending a pm. He still pops up on here sometimes
  12. They’re hard to find (unobtainium) and expensive when you do. I, and I’m sure others are keeping an eye out and will let you know if they find one
  13. saw that one too
  14. He’s good. Just not on here. He’s on FB regularly 😊
  15. Bumper and grille would come off as a unit first. Then the rest of the nose could be removed in 1 piece