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  1. Thanks for the lead. You're the second person who suggested Timo.
  2. I need a windshield for my '57 Coronet convertible. I bought one from Phillips Glass that matched the part # but it was for a sedan. I'm sure it's interchangeable with other years and Desoto or Plymouth (?). Appreciate any advice you can give on where to get the correct windshield. I would take a nice used because the car is a driver. Thanks for your help. Wayne
  3. I'm looking for an intake manifold and tinted glass. I don't need carbs, lines, linkage, air cleaners, etc. For the glass, I'll take recommendations for a supplier or exceptional used. Rear windows are my biggest need. Thanks for your help. Wayne
  4. Henry- I don't need these lenses, but I would like to know what your private stash is comprised of, and if you have a price in mind for all of it. Thanks for your time. Wayne email is mayneweyer2310@aol.com
  5. I've got a pair of visors incorrect for the car. They attach to the roof at each end of the visor. I'll trade for the right brackets. Let's help my fellow Model B owner too.
  6. For 1930 Model B Club Sedan. Brackets have one attachment point to the ceiling in center of visor, not at each end. Will buy whole assembly if necessary. Thanks. Wayne
  7. I need the interior sunvisors, especially the mounting brackets. Passenger assist ropes. All parts for the lap robe cord assembly on the back of the front seat. Any leads to these parts appreciated. Thanks, Wayne
  8. Do the bucket seats on an A body (Skylark, 442, GTO, Chevelle) interchange with those on a Riviera? Are seat tracks and mounts the same? Thanks, Wayne
  9. West- Thanks for your offer. I took silverghost's advice and responded to her original post. If I don't hear from her by the end of the week I'll get back with you. Any opinions as to why the firewall might have been replaced, or the huge fuel pump with lines into the passenger compartment? I'm also confused as to why a bulkhead would be missing. Seems like it could weaken the structure of the car. I'll stay in touch. If this deal doesn't work out it won't stop my search for a classic. Wayne Wayne
  10. Hello- I've been following your car in this Forum for the last several days. Like you, I'm new to this site and what it has to offer. I posted an opinion last night and asked how I might get in touch with you. I got several responses, one of which was to reply to your original message in hopes that you checked back frequently. Is your Packard still for sale? I would like to talk to you or the mechanic you mention if possible. My name is Wayne Meyer. My phone is 314-308-8236. My e-mail is mayneweyer2310@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for your time. Regards, Wayne
  11. Steve- Yes, by my definition this Packard is a Full Classic. Short of the truly exotic American or foreign built cars - like a Stutz, Marmon 16, or Delage, Hispano-Suiza - this car is as good as it gets. Prettier than most in my opinion.
  12. Gents- Another perspective for you. I bought my first "old car", a 1938 Chevy 2dr sedan, in 1968. I've probably owned at least 100 collectible, special interest, muscle, sports - you name the category of cars - since then. Usually one at a time. It wasn't until the '80's sometime before I gave much thought to what the next guy would pay, or how rare or desirable the car was. I bought what I liked, played with it until I got bored or something better came along, and moved on. I've never owned a Packard before, or any true classic for that matter. I've always appreciated them and admired their owners. Now that I've turned 60 I'm at the "If not now, when?" point and I'm going to buy a classic. When I look at this Packard it is a dream machine to me. I think that if I could get it for around $50K, sort out the mechanicals for another $5K or so, knock off 37 years of dirt, and hit the road, I would be incredibly happy. The next person will be buying from my estate unless one of my kids wants to keep it. If the new owner wants to bring everything up to be completely correct, and as nice as it looked on a showroom floor, or anything between where I leave it and perfection, I'll look down from heaven (I hope) and wish them happiness and good luck. I'm new to this site and really impressed by your depth of knowledge and willingness to help this lady out. If I offended anybody by choosing not to restore the Packard should I be lucky enough to buy it, I'm sorry. I would like to take the next step to get in touch with this woman. If you've been in direct contact with her, please let me know how I can do so as well. Thanks, Wayne
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