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  1. The Carburetor Shop LLC use OX-2


    (2) Replace the entire carburetor with a similar model. An example might be the Stromberg UX-2. The UX-2 (zinc) replaced the TX-2 (also zinc), which replaced the OX-2. The OX-2 is brass. Another example would be using a brass 1926~1928 Buick Marvel to replace a 1929 Buick Marvel (zinc).



  2. Ladies and Gents

    Happy Thanksgiving!  Its here, I want to thank all of you that helped me this year and in the past.  Also thanks for not yelling at me for asking twice.  Also thanks for not yelling at me for saying something thats already stated.  I hope to offer help now and then and hope all have a nice Thanksgiving.  



  3. I have another wood spoke wheel I purchased from someone trusted who told me its early 20's big six  Stude,  its the same as these 2 3/8 hub cap. I used this as what to look for.  well I found it, I think thats Dodge also not Stude.  thank god they were cheap. anyone got some pictures of 1923 Stude big six wood spoke wheel and split rim (measurements)?  I am curious now.  

    could always hang these on the wall.

  4. update:

    much to my dismay these appear to be something other than Stude, the felloe measures out the same as Stude on all wheels and the rear hub diameter may work on the Stude axle but the Stude hub cap is to large and a Dodge hubcap fits.  The front hub diameter is around 2.1.  I have only seen the rear spoke with belly on Stude and Dodge.  Thank god They were cheap.  Now I gotta decide if I want to resell them or keep them for parts as the felloe are perfect as well as the spokes, if I find some Stude hubs could swap them.  Could also hang them on the wall as they are very nice, some of the nicest off car spokes I have ever seen.  they were cheap and gambled.  Could install them and drive around with Dodge hubcaps!

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