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  1. Ladies and Gents

    lets mention also that the last 10-15 years has seen a huge increase in purchase price, look at the price of new cars. These shows on TV distort value of car. Once the price of a car passes a point it eliminates potential buyers. You can go look at NADA but don't hold your breath. The biggest part of the problem is the economic situation. Many , Many found out about it when selling real estate. How many people can pay 75k for a 57 something. If you want top dollar it better be nice and you will wait. Most buyers are having problems raising cash and most sellers are completely unrealistic.


  2. Demand for collectibles is down and the stock market is up that's where the money is. a lot of things have been overvalued for a long time real estate being one. collectibles being two. inflation will correct all so get ready. if you want to sell something nowadays and a decent offer comes along do it. I have sold a few cars and always sweetened the sale price for me with thoughts of the tax free pleasure I derived driving it. good luck to all buyers and sellers, realism has set in here in the USA. Buy it have some fun, whats that worth, and sell it.

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