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  1. Guess I was just looking for an excuse to bust out with the chemistry.
  2. I've just yanked the master brake cylinder on my 1952 Roadmaster so that I can rebuild it (it's been leaking past the piston). I've been thinking about giving it an electrolytic bath to get all the rust off the outside since it's an irregular surface (the bore still looks great and the reservoir seems free of rust, but I haven't put my bore scope in there yet). It worked great for my water pump. But now I'm wondering if I could somehow screw up the bore... I mean, it's all just steel, right? Just looking for a sanity check.
  3. One end of the spring gets seated in the groove you see at the bottom of the fat part of the bolt. I was missing the washer but replaced it with an o-ring and that's done just fine so far. New filters should come with a new gasket. Good luck finding a P-127, though; a Baldwin P26 is a good replacement. You can find them at truck/tractor parts places (they might not carry the P26, none of the trucking places around me did, but they all carried other Baldwin filters and had no problem getting a P26).
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