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  1. Guess I was just looking for an excuse to bust out with the chemistry.
  2. I've just yanked the master brake cylinder on my 1952 Roadmaster so that I can rebuild it (it's been leaking past the piston). I've been thinking about giving it an electrolytic bath to get all the rust off the outside since it's an irregular surface (the bore still looks great and the reservoir seems free of rust, but I haven't put my bore scope in there yet). It worked great for my water pump. But now I'm wondering if I could somehow screw up the bore... I mean, it's all just steel, right? Just looking for a sanity check.
  3. No, you read it right, but I haven't been able to reproduce that behavior. Or maybe my memory's really slipping and I left the keys in it and the ignition on all night (it was some months ago), but since the keys are on the same ring as my commuting car, it's pretty difficult to forget 'em...
  4. I'll take a look at the distributor, hopefully sometime this evening... but I can report that there is no voltage across the coil terminals with the ignition off.
  5. I have a problem with my 1952 Roadmaster. There doesn't seem to be any spark. Several months ago, I was driving it around the neighborhood just to get it some exercise when the engine quietly died. Luckily I was already headed home and literally only a couple of blocks away. Pushing all that iron those couple of blocks still wasn't any fun, I tell you what. Since it was hot, I thought it might be vapor lock, since it had happened before (though only after I stopped the engine on a hot day, not in the middle of running). I waited a few hours and tried to start it. No love. I tried again the nex
  6. Good luck with that. As I understand it, and like Eric W said, the "mustache bars" are one of the scarcest items for these cars. It'll probably require a lot of time or luck to track one down.
  7. FYI the URL referenced is incorrect (the domain doesn't exist). It's actually http://originalauto.com. At first I thought maybe they'd gone out of business or something.
  8. avgwarhawk, are you suggesting that I might have swapped one (or more) of the cables in the wrong positions on the cap? I could certainly check that. I thought I was being careful... The wire are only two years old or so. I wouldn't think they'd be failing yet, but I suppose I could check.
  9. My '52 has felt like it was randomly missing cylinders for some time now, and on a half-educated guess I decided to look at the distributor. When I opened it up I found the breaker points looked a little the worse for wear (but not obviously destroyed), the cap contacts were slightly blackened, and the rotor contact looked like it had seen better days. So I figured I found my culprit, and ordered a distributor rebuild kit from Bob's. Replacing the parts seemed easy enough, but I ran into trouble when it turned over but wouldn't start. After a little tinkering I realized the breaker arm probab
  10. Just wanted to chime in to say that my '52 RF brake also jammed up so hard that I didn't dare drive more than 25mph with it, for fear of having to careen wildly to the right and lose control of the car if I really needed to jam on the brakes. I replaced all the hoses and braking has been smooth and even ever since. Just in case you had any lingering doubts...
  11. I've never purchased from Coker, so can't kibitz about that, but early on was steered to Lucas Tires and they've been great. I'm sure Coker is on top of their game but Lucas knows their bias ply tires backwards and forwards as well.
  12. FYI the colors I rejected were: Hirsch's Buick Turquoise (too green, as others have noted) CARS's Buick Turquoise (this was a joke; it was really, really green- it belonged nowhere near a '52 block). Duplicor "Torque n' Turquoise" (Eye-poppingly loud and bright) Duplicolor DE 1610 Pontiac Blue VHT SP122 ...so I guess it was six colors I tried, not seven. But anyway, there you go.
  13. I'm probably going to be crucified for this, but it isn't a GM color. It's a Mopar enamel, P4120752AB. I purchased a total of seven turquoise rattle-can colors and the Mopar was unquestionably the closest to the extant color on the valve cover, crankcase, and my oil pan (question: were those normally painted the same color as the engine?). By itself or with Krylon Crystal Clear, it's a tiny bit lighter and bluer than my original paint but I found that the application of a clear engine enamel that dried a little darker than "clear" (I'm pretty sure I used Rust-Oleum 248944, but a nagging little
  14. It's not stuck, per se; it just seems to always want to spring open as soon as the accelerator is pressed. Maybe I managed to screw up/misconfigure the linkage somehow (though I didn't disassemble the carburetor at any point).
  15. Well, I may have run across a new problem. It doesn't want to start unless I prime the secondary carb barrels. The carb is certainly getting fuel; when the accelerator is depressed to start the engine fuel squirts out through the pump jets above the primary barrels but the engine doesn't catch. When I prime the secondary barrels, it does. I fiddled with the choke valve and found that when it's closed the engine does want to start, but not when it's open. I seem to recall that when I'd inspected the engine some time ago the choke valve was closed by default when the engine was off, but now it's
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