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  1. I, as I'm sure everyone does, appreciate the hard work that goes into producing a National Meet. I understand the dilema of the first time guy who has no idea what AACA class his or her vehicle belongs in and the Registrar assuming the vehicle's placement. Corrections can hopefully be made the day of the Meet. My initial query concerned the "Grandfathered" vehicle and whether there is a process for the owner to have his or her vehicle properly re-classed. The process does exist. Now it is up to the owner! Let's get the word out.
  2. It seems what like 1937 is saying is that time is flying, and he can't imagine the VW Golf is 25 years old already. It is difficult for many of us to believe any 1985 vehicle is an antique. Seems like just yesterday I purchased a 1985 Citation from the showroom floor. Well, I couldn't wait to get rid of it, but kinda wish I had it now. (But that's another story). Back in 1980, it was shocking to see '55 Chevies on the Hershey showfield. I, personally appreciate the newer antiques just reaching the 25 year milestone, and anticipate seeing what our hobbyists find interesting. Will it be luxo barges or econoboxes? But hasten to add, they should be in show quality original or restored condition. Anything else is just a "clunker". Locally, I see several of these "clunkers" being driven on a daily basis with an Antique Vehicle or Classic Car tag attached to the back. The driver appropriately "thumbing his nose" at the true collectors.
  3. I understand the need for AACA to add new judging classes, and redefine existing ones, and applaud the effort. The addition of High Performance classes a few years back and further defining eligible vehicles was definitely a plus. My issue here is those vehicles whose awards won in earlier appropriate classes are "grandfathered", but not reassigned to the new appropriate judging class when shown today. (Hypothetical Example: 1966 Hemi car awarded Preservation in 27-G, not reassigned to the appropriate class 36). The same can be said for the Sport Ute class and Prototype class. This is confusing to AACA members, and non-members, alike. Why wouldn't a car owner want his car to be placed in the most correct on today's showfield? Is there a process for his car to be reassigned? Also related to AACA Classes, I feel a separate Camaro (incl. Firebird) class is long overdue. Camaros are currently popular, and unfortunately, many owners are going the non-stock route. I feel a new class would encourage more of this model to be authentically restored.