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  1. Copied From Team Buick Reference tab:


    On 1935-1955 Canadian built Buicks, a single data tag on the firewall or cowl will contain all of the required information, but on U.S. built Buicks, in general these numbers are found in the following locations:

    • Frame serial number - for 1935-1940 it is on a plate riveted to the right side (passenger side in U.S./Canada) of the frame near the battery or starter. For 1941-1948 it is on the firewall near the trim tag.
    • Car serial and VIN - on a plate attached to the left side door jamb (driver side in U.S./Canada) or on the left side of the dash near the windshield.
    • Stamped engine serial number and production code - various places on the engine depending on the engine type, see appendices 2-4.
    • Trim tag - a plate attached to the cowl or firewall under the hood.

  2. There are supposed to be dust caps on the top - on my '39, they are 1 inch diameter.  Might measure the top opening to be sure that is the same on your '35 special. I think I found them at NAPA. Might be called Freeze Plugs or Expansion Plugs - domed shape that you insert and center punch to expand and seal the top opening.

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