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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have a 26-28 Standard Opera Coupe. I have sent my tank out for cleaning.If it's not salvagable i'll get back to you. Dave
  2. Looking for a Repo Fuel tank for 1926 Buick... any leads?
  3. Where is the model number located on a 1937 Hudson Terraplane?
  4. Now this resoning does make some sence. Thanks, Dave
  5. John, There seems to be two schools of thought on the subject. of up verses down. Just fishing..... It is driven quite often. It's good for the arms. Thanks, Dave
  6. Should the windows be up or down when storing my "49 Buick Super Convertible?
  7. Need Ring & Pinion Gear Set for 1926 Buick Standard
  8. I need Ring & Pinion Gear Set for 1926 Buick Standard Model 26-28
  9. 1926 Buick Opera Coupe Model 26-28. Gray body/ Black fenders/ red pin striping. What color should the hub cap inserts be? Black or Red?
  10. What accessories were offered by Buick Dealers in 1926? Wind wings? Bud vases? Window Shades? Radiator Caps? Step Plates?
  11. Ok ...next question. What else was offered as a dealer item? Window shades? Assist straps? Wind Wings? Radiator caps?
  12. Can someone tell me what year Buick started to offer bumpers? We have a 1926 Buick model 26-28. All of the original ads seem to show the vehicles with out bumpers. Comments please.
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