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  1. Thanks everybody. Working properly is more important than looking right, so going with the McMaster- Carr washers makes great sense. Somewhere on this forum I read that Fastenal can order something more like the real thing. I will check with them Mon. a.m.
  2. i see this is quite an old post but----has anybody located belleville washers more like the originals? Several people have referred to the ones available from McMaster-Carr but they are much thinner and don't look like the originals. The old ones are thicker and on the crude side. Don't look flexible to me but apparently they worked. The car i'm working on came to me with bolts and flat washers. Maybe that sort of thing accounts for some of the cracked manifolds out there.
  3. I found a Rust-Oleum product that matches the heater color exactly. It works perfectly for touch-up. It does not cover black wrinkle to my satisfaction. The paint is "Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover paint and primer". London Gray (really) satin. product#249857 The Kennedy paint mentioned above by Larry Schramm is the way to go when starting from scratch (bare metal).
  4. Greg, I think the picture of my heater that I emailed you was probably not helpful for you. I am not knowledgeable about 1935 heaters. You may want to consider starting a new topic with your questions.
  5. Greg, if black wrinkle paint is proper for 1935, it is readily obtainable.
  6. Greg, I am mostly computer illiterate and have not succeeded in attaching a picture to this blog. I plan to contact a younger distant relative (better genes) to help me with this. My heater is the larger one available in 1936. I can text or email a pic if you send me your contact info. I'm quite certain that all 1936 heaters were painted with a brown wrinkle paint. Don't know about 1935. Other members may check me on that. See Larry Schramm' reference to Kennedy paint up above in this topic. It is expensive but it seems awfully close in color and I intend to get it. Bill
  7. Wow! Thanks for all the helpful ideas, offers to loan stuff for patterns etc. My fan is almost identical to Ben's. The hub and blades look exactly the same. I will contact Ben directly.
  8. Thanks Larry. The Kennedy paint looks perfect for the wrinkle. It's always risky to count on the color on a computer screen but that looks good too. Has anybody used the Kennedy paint for a heater? Color OK?
  9. My 36 heater is the typical brown wrinkle paint but it needs help. I am able to find only black and I suspect brown is nowhere available. is there a way to color the black paint without filling the wrinkles? Any other solutions?
  10. Thanks. I didn't expect to find blades. I can make em if i can find the rubber. Seems like some rubber gasket material might work but the local auto suppliers don't even know what that is anymore. i am not aware of modern uses for that kind if stuff that might be a source.
  11. My 36 Roadmaster has an aftermarket fan on steering column that has soft rubber blades. The rubber is shot. I haven't found an acceptable replacement. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  12. Pete, thanks for responding. (I assume that's your 36 coupe.It looks great!) On my original car, the main body of the dash that is not woodgrained seems to be a lighter color than the black outside body color. The instrument cluster, glove box door and all window garnish appears to have that same lighter black for the base color before being woodgrained. Perhaps I'm being mislead by the many years of fading. This is not exactly an earthshaking issue. It will come out close enough. It won't be pink or tiger striped. If you have a close-up of your instrument panel, any chance you could post that? Thanks again. Bill
  13. Somebody out there must know whether the base color (before graining) of 1936 garnish molding should be a saturated black or something softer looking, more like slate. It can be hard to describe that kind of thing but I hope somebody will give it a shot.The graining ink color seems to be a medium gray. Any guidance will be appreciated.
  14. My "new" 36 Roadmaster has garnish molding that has been painted very shiny very black like the outside of the car. I intend to apply the appropriate gray woodgrain pattern. I have original garnish samples from another car, but, of course, they have changed a lot over the years. The black seems much softer, more of a slate color. I can hardly believe that it was originally brilliant black. Any thoughts?