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  1. Have a non cracked rechromable grill bar available for sale. This item will buff out for a paintable driver or is a great core for the chrome shop. call or message me if you can use this. Arnie 850-982-4364. Want to get $150 for it but will take best offer. I reckon 50 dollars for shipping. If you are rebuilding a 52 special 48D it would pay you to visit Pensacola with a truck. Also have a parts car. Someone drove off with my Body so I have fenders doors etc. that have been media blasted and primed. I can't use it since I bought a really nice Super Riviera.
  2. Have a 52 clock that needs good chrome outer bezel
  3. How come none of you mentioned tire pressure. weren't they at 24-28 pounds?
  4. One mans opinion. I am interested
  5. Hi. Looking for a useable vacuum advance for 56 buick century also right (passenger side) rear stainless the part that goes over real wheel two pieces
  6. Anyone have a vacuum advance that will fit a 56 buick century. 55 will also fit
  7. Anyone out there know of someone that has a 52 riviera they are parting out? I need the pillar and hinge covers to make my riv not feel naked. Any help would be appreciated. Text to 9 eight two 43 six four. Ida red and I thank you
  8. I have one better than driver quality. What are you willing to pay?
  9. Can't help you with that one. Thanks for asking
  10. Have. Clock for special but they should be easy to repair
  11. Need both front upper hinge covers for a 52 riviera. Also would like to contact someone who has an original 52 super riviera to find out what some of the holes hold. Contact me at 8509824364. Thanks
  12. Have radio, heater, shocks, hub caps. Make offer. Text me at 8509824364. Can send pix if needed.
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