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  1. 33 Lasalle

    need several parts for a 1932 cadillac laSalle v8

    Are you looking for Cadillac or La salle parts? Horns and light stands are different for these cars.
  2. 33 Lasalle

    1930's Wiper Motors

    Mark, try Mark Ficken he does all Trico rebuilds. www.wiperman.com Andy
  3. Good advice! I had the same situation with my '63 split window. Someone had transposed a 5 and an S on the title, I didn't notice it when I bought the car although I did compare the title and tag. It was 6 months before I finally received a letter confirming they would change my title. Andy
  4. I need both the cowl and rad hood hinge retainers for my '33 Lasalle 1933 Cadillac is the same. The rad retainer also doubles as the mounting base for the ornament. Condition not important. Please email me if you have either piece or have a lead on one. Thank you, Andy asmith9001@gmail.com
  5. 33 Lasalle

    WTB '33 Lasalle Conv. Coupe parts

    I can direct you to Dick Shappy's site where he shows the restoration of his '33 V16 convertible coupe and it has 5 or 6 good pics of the same top irons I need. Check out www.classiccars.ws/projects/1933cadv16convcoupe/index.html Let me know what you think.
  6. 33 Lasalle

    WTB '33 Lasalle Conv. Coupe parts

    I have patterns that I was able to make from a fellow members car which is being restored. I had contacted you before Christmas but didn't hear back. I presumed it was because I asked you for some idea of cost and you didn't know. If anything has changed please let me know. Andy
  7. I am looking for the following '33 Lasalle Conv. Coupe parts - Top irons - Torpedo hood ornament base - Cowl mount hood hold down - Cowl mount wiper helmets - Trunk rack bezel logo - seat springs or patterns - Right side landau bar Thank you, Andy