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  1. Stop by space CY38-40. I have a large lot of NOS GM I would like to sell very reasonable. Thanks, Bill
  2. I have a trailer full of 1963-64 Cadillac parts at Hershey this year...Stainless trim, mechanical, switches, emblems, sheet metal, chrome and more. Space CY38-40 Stop by and say hi, Bill
  3. I have a large lot of GM NOS parts at Hershey this year, mostly 1970's-80's. Would like to sell the entire lot...or selling singles cheap...I have a whole row of $5 NOS parts. Come and get it. Chocolate field space CY38-40
  4. Hershey 2017. I have 1 set left. Price drop to $250. Cheapest you will find at Hershey. Space CY38-40. Thanks, Bill
  5. Just arrived at Hershey. Stop by if you need any 63-64 Caddy parts. I have a trailer full. CY38-40 Thanks, Bill
  6. I have the publications here now at Hershey. Space CY38
  7. Thanks for the info John, you wouldn't happen to have an e-mail address would you? Thanks, Bill
  8. John, I am not a member of the Chesapeake region. I went to their site before I posted here and I didn't see any type of forum or even a way to e-mail them. Maybe someone here could point me in the right direction with a way to contact a member of the Chesapeake region? Thanks, Bill
  9. Packard club publication. Not a complete set. 1960's-2011. For pickup in Edgewood, MD. 1/2 MILE off I-95. Free to good home, must take all. Can deliver to Hershey space CY38, first come first serve. Thanks, Bill E-mail acarcollector@gmail.com
  10. Publication put out by the Chesapeake region AACA. May be a complete set. 1960's-early 2000's. Acquired from past president of Chesapeake regions widow. [John Packard] Free to good home! Thanks, Bill E-mail acarcollector@gmail.com. Hershey Space CY38
  11. I will have a trailer load of 1963-64 Cadillac parts at Hershey this year. Chocolate field CY38-40. Stainless moldings, grilles, bumper parts, interior parts, sheet metal.
  12. Chocolate field space # CY38 I have 2 sets 1955-56 Cadillac Sabre wheels for sale at $350 each set of 4. Should be driver quality once they are polished up. No center caps. Also have 1963-64 Cadillac parts and some 80's-90's NOS GM.
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