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WTB: Peerless GT, Warwick or Kellison

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Peerless GT's do turn up from time to time, Bring A Trailer has had several listed over the years.  The Warwick version seems less common at least here in North America.  Most of the ones I have seen for sale appear to be major projects with lots of frame rust.  There is / was ? a pretty decent one local to me {Vancouver B.C. Canada} , I haven't seen it at any of the British car shows for a few years now but it is probably still in the area. Last time I inquired the owner had no plans to sell. 

  There used to quite a few "quirky" British cars in these parts. Vancouver's climate is more sports car friendly than most of Canada. Most have crumbled to dust or as often as not for the last 20 years gone back home to England or Europe. But odd projects do still surface now and then.  I would probably latch on to one if I had the chance. It could keep my TVR and Buckler company. 



Greg in Canada

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