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  1. I have just started looking for a 1971 Riviera. Prices are all over the place, what should I expect to pay for a good number 2 car? Thanks for any advice, Martin
  2. I am on the east coast of USA, Connecticut, but will probably end up buying on the west coast since most of them here have rusted beyond hope.
  3. I no longer need my full size truck but still like the idea of a pick up. Would like to find a rust free or mostly rust free good mechanical condition truck. Datsun 710 seems like a good choice but open to suggestions since I have never even looked at small Japanese trucks so I am not very familiar with the models. Any ideas or leads are appreciated. It would be my daily driver but I only drive about 25 miles a day now.
  4. I dont want to beat a dead horse on this but... I attend many vintage race events and they have many golf carts with drivers that hold 6 people or so and they drive around dropping people off in different paddocks, the food area and different locations around the track saving you miles of walking . This really cuts down on every single person having a cart. So what I really would like to know, is this something that happens at Hershey? If they had several carts picking up people from one field and you wanted to see a vendor 3 fields away they could then drop you off at that field. This would save miles of walking for those not legally handicapped but just want to get around to certain venders in different but widely spaced fields, or even to the food area or back to their field. They would not stop at exact vendor location just at the beginning and or end of each field. Is this happening at Hershey?
  5. I am aware of the bus shuttles but do they have golf cart shuttles to get from one field to the other?
  6. Are there shuttles and if so do they have pick up areas marked?
  7. I see that you can rent a scooter at the Hershey meet if you have a handicap document. I have resisted getting one as I a can get from the grocery store parking lot to the store with no problem. Walking endless miles at Hershey has become impossible for me. Is there anyway to rent one without having a handicap document? I can walk about one mile with only slight problems but beyond that is really a serious problem for me. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  8. Can you still purchase items on other days? We wont be at Hershey till Wed.
  9. Looking for a Buick Electra 63 to 67 2dr coupe no convertibles must be in excellent condition, martin@abingdonspares.com or 860 301 9621
  10. Looking for a nice 63-4 Wildcat or LeSabre 2 door coupe , prefer dark colors with A/C but will consider all. martin@abingdonspares.com
  11. Looking for a 1947 to 1949 Sedanette nice driver Roadmaster or Special Martin martin@abingdonspares.com or 860 301 9621
  12. I have found a 1967 Riv in Los Angeles for sale and would like to find a member to take a look at it for me. I need to know the condition of the body a and how well it runs. Looks good in pictures but they all do. Any help is appreciated.
  13. I good friend of mine is thinking of selling his 1930 Rolls Phantom 2, possibly to me. I rode in this car with him about 40yrs ago, it ran very well and at the time was cosmetically restored. We did a few weddings in it and also drove it around town quite a bit. He lost storage about 15 yrs ago and (this part is unbelievable but true) let the car sit outside where it still is. We are in New England with plenty of snow and rain the car has had a tarp over it but has not helped much. Its on 4 flat tires, a raccoon got on top of it and fell the thru the fabric center in the top taking the headliner down and then ate some of the seat cushions. The running boards have rotted off completely, interior needs total restoration, lots of the paint been rubbed off with the tarp blowing. Its a club sedan with duel side-mounts body is solid but I need to check out the wood body framing, it was excellent 40 years ago but I am sure the outside storage hasn't helped. I helped restore this car and know it was a good running car, solid with at the time excellent paint and body. Now for the difficult question, whats a Phantom 2 sedan in complete but rough shape worth? I would be doing all the restoration work myself as the car does have a lot of sentimental value to me. Although probably worlds apart in pricing I had 1930 Cadillac V8 club sedan very original car, good running car, that would be a struggle to get 25K for today. I think that same car in the same condition as my friends Rolls would be a $5K car in todays market, what does that make this Phantom 2 worth. Just thought I'd ask, Thanks for any suggestions,
  14. Long time Hershey staple Donny Carlson has passed away. He attended Hershey from the first meet till about 3 yrs ago, never missed a year. I met Donny when I was in high school, he was a huge model T, Packard, Cadillac (prewar) car person. At the time I had restored, very amateur, an Austin Healey 3000 which I know he had no interest in but he complemented me on a job well done., He was always a very positive guy willing to give advice and information on everything from Model Ts to Packards. He had great stories about finding and buying cars, good deals and deals gone wrong. Just a great guy, honest, informative and friendly. Rest in peace my friend. Martin Cooke
  15. Hi KGREEN, I am a member so I guess I can get that ride now! Thanks, Martin
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