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  1. I don't know the actual specifications of the box other than the number of turns lock to lock which is 2.5. I'll have to defer to @telriv for more details. Brad, I don't know what the range of model years was that this steering box was used. I did see a reply in the "Quick Steering Ratio Box" (posts #66, #67) that it would fit a '68. Again, Tom @telriv could answer this question.
  2. After reading the threads "Quick Ratio Steering Box" and "63 Riv Steering Box Replacement", I decided to try one of (telriv) Tom Telesco's steering boxes in my '64. This has been the single greatest improvement that has been made to my car since I've owned it. Some time ago, I had the center link and other front end components replaced as needed as well as the rear track bar bushings. At that time I also has the alignment set to the positive caster recommendation that I'd seen here in the forum. Those things made a marked improvement to the handling of the car but I was still disappointed in the vague steering response. The new steering box has resolved that final issue and I could not be happier. I still have standard shocks on the car as they were not worn out by any means and finances dictate that I cannot spring for a set of the Bilstiens at this time but I'm so pleased with the improvement that I'm not missing them. Maybe a set of those and some new springs someday, but in the mean time I'm well satisfied. What I'd call the "Driving Experience" really hasn't changed. The steering effort is the same and as Red Riviera Bob expressed it, the character of the ride and steering are still 100% first gen Riviera.
  3. toomuchvinyl

    Distributor stuck

    I'll look on YouTube and check that out. Thanks Ed!
  4. toomuchvinyl

    Distributor stuck

    That's a new possibility and it makes sense that a little thermal expansion/contraction could help to break it loose. Thanks Arnulfo!
  5. toomuchvinyl

    Distributor stuck

    I posted this a few years ago but wanted to revive it to see if anyone who wasn't a member of the forum at the time or didn't see it may have any wisdom to share. I've been a little reluctant to get tough with the distributor for fear of breaking it but I would like to get this resolved this summer if I can. Thanks again to those who responded back in '15 and I'd still appreciate any insights others may be able to offer. Keith
  6. I missed the first showing of this episode but I saw the same claim in a trailer on Facebook. Kind of disappoonting -
  7. toomuchvinyl

    Accelerator Pedal 1963

    Many thanks for this, my '64 has saddle trim and I have been wondering what to do about the gas pedal. Excellent solution!
  8. toomuchvinyl

    Trunk Redo Finished-Thanks

    Thanks! I hadn't looked yet but it's on my list of needs.
  9. toomuchvinyl

    Trunk Redo Finished-Thanks

    Bill did you still have the J-bolt or whatever for the spare tire hold down or did you have to find some replacement? If you did have to get a replacement, what did you use?
  10. Rocket 88, that looks like a fine replacement. I'll get by NAPA tomorrow and see about getting one. I didn't subscribe to this thread when I started it and so didn't see the newer replies until this afternoon. Tom, the news that it's possible (even if not practical) to rebuild the original valve is also interesting. Retirement is just a few weeks away and I will be happy to have more time to spend with my cars.
  11. Let us know how it works for you. I also bought a trunk release setup but mine came with no hose at all. If this works well for you, I may buy your excess. Or if someone beats me to it at least I know I can get it from Summit.
  12. toomuchvinyl

    RED Gas Pedal

    Interesting! I just thought that all of the first gen Riviera's had gas, brake, emergency brake pedal pads that matched the interior color. My '64 is a very early production model that (as near as I can tell) came with some '63 stuff like the tri-shield center on the wire hubcaps and I have colored pedals.
  13. toomuchvinyl

    Distributor stuck

    Thanks, I'd been told by local folks that maybe putting a penetrating oil around the edges of the base and tapping with a plastic faced hammer would be something to try. I was just hoping that the aluminum/iron conflict hadn't just fused it together. Guess my worst case would be having to find a good used one if I break it.
  14. Hello! The distributor in my '64 is stuck and cannot be adjusted. Has anyone had to fight this issue and if so, what can you recommend? I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Keith