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    sleeve valve engines

    Dave Bell's 1929 Stearns Knight Model M Coupe is still running and touring regularly in far eastern North Dakota. The current owner is a young man in his 30's who is doing a great job of preservation. He had done just enough engine work so that the car tours very well and for long distances. It's appearance is the same as when Dave Bell owned it - no changes there. The suspension has been tightened up and it rides and handles better than it did a few years ago. Not bad for an 88 year old lady. Oh, and she has cut back on her smoking habit due to some of the engine work.
  2. Mark66A

    Circa 1927 Car to ID

    It is a 1927 Stearns-Knight G-8-85 Touring on the 137" wheelbase. This frame was shared with the 1927 F series 6 cylinder cars. The 137" J-8-90 and 145" Wheelbase J-8-90 were introduced in 1928. The 1928 and later H 137" wheelbase car frames were significantly different than the G and earlier frames. Additionally the G-8-85 (8cyl) radiator created some overheating problems for the first eight cyl. cars.The H and J series cars had a thicker radiator core. A factory service bulletin for the 1927 G-8-85 also addresses a heat issue, only this one for the front seat passengers. The cars left the factory with cast aluminum toe boards. They transmitted a significant amount of heat and were recalled and replaced with wooded toe boards. Mark
  3. Mark66A

    Sleeve Valve Engine Sleeves, Pistons, Rods

    Sleeves vary in height, location and size of ports as well as oil holes. Let us know they type of car. I have a few parts but can't help without more information.
  4. Mark66A

    GM /automatic Transmissions

    I have 3 automatic transmissions for sale. Two are the Turbo 350. The blue painted TH-350 is a rebuilt trans that I took out of my car in favor of a TH-700R4. The other TH-350 I picked up at a salvage yard. The center transmission came out of an Oldsmobile Cutlass which I believe is a TH-200. Transmissions are located in Moorhead, MN. Asking for Blue rebuilt TH-350 $250, TH-200 $200, Spare TH-350 from salvage yard $75. Reply here or to: Thanks
  5. For Sale: A 401 Nail head Buick engine and transmission pulled from an Invicta. $650.00 Located in Moorhead, MN. reply here or email:
  6. Mark66A

    FS: 1940 Pontiac Touring Sedan

    Still available. I'd rather sell than return it to the shed for another winter. Mark
  7. Earlier this year I purchased a 1912 Stearns-Knight Touring car which has this badge attached to the firewalll. The car was in the Los Angeles area from 1911 through about 1965, then moved to an owner further north in California. I am attempting to learn more about the car, and would like information on the caravan in 1948. Do any records exist? The badge has "1912 Stearns-Knight" engraved in the lower left, and the number "16" in the lower right. Thanks for any help!
  8. Good for parts or restoration by a brave soul. Hood is included. Entire drive trail is in the car. Custom wooden flag holder mounted on rear bumper is a classic extra at no charge. $1200.00 Located in west central Minnesota. Contact by email:
  9. Great parts car or restoration candidate for the brave! $1,500. Complete drive-train in car. located in west central Minnesota. send email to Sept 2, 2014. SOLD. Thanks for looking!
  10. I'm looking for a Pontiac Tempest Sprint 2 door sedan. Prefer '67. Must be solid original or good restoration with accompanying documentation. Thanks Mark
  11. Mark66A

    1929M8 Brake Springs

    Are they the three shoe bendix brakes? If so could be the same as on my '29 Stearns. I had all the springs reproduced for my car. email me and I'll send pictures with dimensions.. Mark
  12. Mark66A

    Rear wheel stuck--need help

    Contact this guy: Custom Made Wheel Pullers for any make Antique Car. $140.00+shipping George McMurtry² #4573 Box 112 Bayard, NE 69334 308-586-1930 George made one for me for my Stearns-Knight and it works great. He is a member of the Willys Overland Knight Registry Mark
  13. Mark66A

    300 parts 1899 to 1930s garage swap meet pictures

    On photo Shelf 16 lower shelf are two chrome acorn lights that appear to be Guide Tilt Ray. Are there lens' in them and if so is there a measurement on the edge of the lens that says 10 1/8 Thanks Mark
  14. Mark66A

    No. 5 Buffalo Nuts/ Spanner

    Are the locking nuts and/or wrench still available? Price?
  15. Mark66A

    New Idler Gears For Sale

    I am rebuilding two 1929 Stearns Knight cars. I have disassembled the Timken worm drive rear axles. Do you think your spider gears will fit this rear end? The worm wheels in both are marked 4 1/2 to 1. The carrier is riveted together. Can they be bolted back together at reassembly? Are replacement worm & wheel sets available? There is some gauling on the wheel. Can I reverse it so the worm pulls on the other side? Thanks