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  1. Carbuff2

    Arm Rest Bases - FREE

    Hi Mike, Have not heard how to send you the funds. Please advise. Check? Paypal? Thanks Paul
  2. Carbuff2

    Arm Rest Bases - FREE

    Replied to your PM. Thanks paul
  3. Carbuff2

    Arm Rest Bases - FREE

    I believe that they will fit my 65 Skylark. So I will take them. Let me know the shipping to Fresno CA 93711 Paul 559 355-3551, call or text. Or PM message. Thanks paul
  4. Any good chrome shop can repair and replate yours as they are becoming hard to come by …… many with the same issues as yours. Paul
  5. Carbuff2

    Buick cookies

    great ….…… can you actually eat them???
  6. Carbuff2

    WTB 64 Riviera drivers side headlight

    post a picture of what you mean by drivers side headlight. Thanks Paul
  7. Carbuff2


    Some people measure from lip to lip and it will show 7", the correct way is to measure where your tires set/seal and they will measure 6".
  8. Carbuff2

    73 Riviera ralley rims

  9. Thanks for all the responses and pictures, gauges are great but you do have to find a place to install them. I like the one under the ashtray door on the console so it does not distract from the original look of the car, I also like the electric Oil and Temp Gauges so no oil or water would be inside my car with the possibility of them leaking. Thanks to all that contributed. Paul
  10. I spoke with Tony at Vintage Air very helpful but had suggestions, no kit available, is sending me a kit so I can select what parts I think that I will need so I can order. Was hoping someone has done this before and may have some info to share as to what to order. I do have an A/C shop that will do the installation, but want me to supply the Air Conditioning parts. Thanks for your reply. Paul
  11. I have a 1965 Riviera Gran Sport non-air car and want to install the vintage air conditioning system on it and can have questions of what is available for them. Has anyone done this that can give me information?? I have a shop that will do the installation but want me to purchase the kit for it, that is what I need help with. Waiting for a catalog from Vintage Air to determine what I will need to order. If you have done I need your help. Paul 559 355-3551 or
  12. Stavros is quite a guy, he is a trooper and as we both said it would have been easier and cheaper to trailer the car home but what is the adventure worth??????? He has a story that would be hard to match by anyone on a car vintage collector car purchase. A loosely plugged voltage regulator can cause a lot of problems. I am glad that he got home and the car made it through mountains, rain, snow and high altitudes but that is a Riviera for you. Paul
  14. Love all Rivieras, with/without vinyl top . Paul