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  1. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    Yes. I have a Pro-Street 1962 that I built in the early '90's. It's a full frame car, not just a back-halved like a lot of them. Has a 406 in it. Gets 10mpg and I am not afraid to drive it a couple hours away. I never got around to paint and interior, so it's far from a show car, but it's a fun and comfortable ride. I also have a '66 V8 wagon that is all original and waiting its turn in line. But perhaps we are getting too far from the original post? My questions were more to try and figure out the members of this site. It seems that there is a great lack of interest in cars from the first half of the century by young people. I am probably younger then most on this site, but I have been into cars from my first one, which was a '56 Chevy that I still have. I do not understand having something that is mechanical that cannot be used. The idea of pushing a car into and out of a trailer and sitting beside it at a show is a concept that I do not understand. Having a car that someone is afraid to drive over 45mph is a concept I do not understand. I can watch a steam engine run for hours. I collect 18th century tall clocks because I am fascinated with the mechanics of them - and they are still keeping time. I buy the cars that I like the looks of and do whatever the car tells me in order to make a dependable driver out of it. The straight 6 in my '56 just purrs right along, but I pity the people who get behind me on our twisty roads here, what with the original brakes and bias plys. And I have a '33 Chevy sedan that has a 350/350 in it. That car probably gets more young people looking at it and asking about it then any of my other cars. And to me, that is a lot of what this is all about - getting young people interested in old things. There is nothing worse then looking around a hobby and seeing the members die off and no one there to take the reigns. I have only recently found this site, but I have seen a number of people who are quite frankly a turn off. There is a lot of good advice here and I enjoy reading a lot of the threads, so I will continue to ask questions and post ads and make comments. And that is my 2 cents for now until I make some change.
  2. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    I can fry an egg on my Nova's headers. Does that count for anything? (That's tongue-in-cheek. Don't get too upset)
  3. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    So - using the car in this thread for an example - I am seeing items like chrome steering column, shifter, and parking brake handle, along with some chrome linkage and stainless bolts under the hood. Would this then be considered a "resto-mod?" Or were these items originally chrome and stainless in 1931? I am gathering that for most people in the AACA, they want to take a car and make the best model they can out of it. Such as take a lower model - without the spare tires on the fenders - and upgrade it, as long as it could have come that way from the factory. Kind of like all the SS Camaro 's and Chevelle's or GTO's that started out as lower models.
  4. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    Ok. I think I've got it. I'll try to keep my comments site specific. Guess I am one of those rare guys who can appreciate both restored cars and hot rods. But tractor grills on cars? That one I do not get!
  5. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    Still trying to figure that one out as it seems there are a lot of opinionated people on this site. I was looking for a rough old Chevy to make a street rod out of and was told that I should go elsewhere and that no one here would sell me a car if I was not going to keep it original. And I was reading a thread with a guy who "restored" a late '30's Olds (I think), but changed to modern brakes and added turn signals and was chastised for that. Just scratching my head and trying to figure is all out. Changing fenders is ok. Parting or cutting a car or two to restore another is ok. But to take an old car and put modern parts on it to make it either more reliable, safer, or more fun (in the opinion of the owner) to drive is not. The 1931 Cadillac is an absolutely beautiful car in my opinion. And since I am a Chevy guy, I was hoping to find a '32 Chevy since it is pretty much the baby '31 Cadillac. I prefer not having the spares on the fenders since it interrupts the lines of the body. And one thing I like about these Cadillacs and Chevys is that they seem to be in better proportions then some of the other higher end cars which seem stretched just a little too far or are not proportional with axle location. The convertible coupe vs. roadster makes sense. And if I would have thought about it, I could have probably figured it out since I have a '30 Ford cabriolet which some call a convertible.
  6. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    Hi. Great looking car. Could you tell me what the difference is between a roadster and a convertible coupe? Also, I noticed that the front fenders on the car when you bought it did not have the spare tire mount, but that the restored car does. Could you provide reasoning for changing them? Thanks!
  7. What kind of money are you looking to get out of the 1931 Lasalle? Is the motor tight?
  8. I am just outside Carlisle, Pa.
  9. 1950 Buick 2 door hardtop

    Within the past 2 years. Has new brakes. New tires. Rims were powder coated. We drove it around the lot and then put it in here.
  10. 1948 Chevrolet. Motor, transmission, front crossmember and suspension and rear end with springs. Plus 4 wheels with decent black paint and pinstripes. $500. Will separate. Will deliver to Carlisle or Hershey with deposit.
  11. 1950 Buick 2 door hardtop

  12. 1930 Ford Convertible

    Hope these help. If you need more or something specific, let me know. There is a set of seat springs in the back that I assume was for a rumble seat. Otherwise, what you see is what I have.
  13. 1930 Ford Convertible

    I'll post more pics as soon as I can get to my laptop. In my opinion, this car is good enough to restore or certainly a good car to hot rod. Ford guys will know better than me about parts availability.
  14. 1930 Ford Convertible