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  1. Found! I was lucky enough to buy both a '31 Chevy roadster and a 5 window coupe last fall at Hershey. And then last week I was able to buy a '32 convertible!
  2. WANTED - 1931 Chevy rumble seat frames and springs. Need (2) two bottoms and (1) back.
  3. I'll be at Carlisle and Hershey looking for a set of 1930-31 Model A coupe fenders. Need good usable fenders that do not need a ton of work. Do not want spare tire well. Need all 4 fenders. Also need splash aprons and possibly running boards. Thanks, David W. Fertig 717-497-2145
  4. I posted awhile ago and was chastised for wanting to hot rod an old Chevy. Thought I'd try again and maybe get a better response. Yes, I know there is the HAMB board too. I am looking for a 1932 Chevrolet roadster. I do not want a restored show car. I would like to find one complete, although the drivetrain and frame are not important. Yes, it will be a hot rod. And it will be full fendered without the spares. Rumble seat or trunk is fine. Here is a pic of a Chrysler body I just found for my builder for himself. I'd like something more then this, but if it is as clean as this, then I would consider just the shell.
  5. Questions on fender skirt rubber install. I am thinking that the wire is supposed to hold the rubber on? And I am guessing that the rubber is shown installed backwards? Any tips/tricks to getting and keeping these together? The wire doesn't seem to want to stay put on the rubber. (I have tried it with the rubber on both as seen in the pic and also reversed). Thanks!
  6. C Carl - yes, that is the car that I now own. It was bought by this guy's dad in 1948 as his first car when he got out of the service. The inspection sticker on it is 1956. He said his dad was on a decades long restoration of this car, but that other cars seemed to come, get rebuilt and go, but this one never got finished. This was the last car that they had to settle the estate. I bought it because it's the "daddy" of the 1932 Chevy. And because it was so clean. And not a 6-wheel. And not a V-12 or V-16. I like the roadsters better, but I like the suicide doors on these coupes. I could have bought an Experimetal Chevy body, but that's not quite my idea. I want something like the blue Chevy above. Or I'd even consider just a body. Thanks for your kind words C Carl. Most of us hot rodders are not bad people. We'll usually work with the restoration guys and are willing to work with less then prime examples. I am still young by "car guy" standards, but my views have changed over the years. I used to look down on the late model guys and the tuners or rice burner crowd, But then you realize that they are still at least "into cars" and are doing something other then making payments on a Prius. I'm not going to build a Toyota. They are not going to restore a pre-war car. And most of the people in the AACA are not going to drop a Fleetline on the ground or build a pro-street Nova. But we are all "car guys."
  7. Here's a perfect car for what I am looking for. Not sure who's it is, but the pics are online.
  8. The status is that there is no update. I got my Fleetline on the road in the beginning of summer. Just did the mechanicals on my beater '50 Chevy. And am getting ready to work on my boy's Model A in an effort to have it ready for his 16th birthday next year. The guy I have building my cars works on what he wants when he wants. I am lucky to have found him as he treats my cars like his own cars and his work is top notch. As of right now, the Caddy is tucked in a garage and waiting it's turn. I am still looking for a '32 Chevy roadster to build and will hopefully find one. Once I do, then I will probably make a decision on this car. As of now, the plan is still to make a hotrod out of it. I know that is not what most of you want to hear, but... I want build a roadster. I know how I'd do a Chevy. But I am not sure on the details of this car. I sit in it. Look at it. Do a bunch of looking on line and at shows. It's a big car. But it has great lines. It does not have the fender mount spares. It has suicide doors. I have no wood work and no rust repair. And most of the chrome has been done. That's a lot going for the start of a build. If anyone is serious about this car, and is coming in to Hershey this fall, I could possibly schedule a showing. I am less then an hour away from there. The car is not for sale at this time, but could be if I find a Chevrolet. Or I would be more then willing to work out a trade but only for a 1932 Chevy.
  9. cahartley - some cars more then others. I had a '31 Chevy 5-window that I would turn the key and go. It didn't like sitting in traffic, but I'd drive that one anywhere. And we just finished a '48 Fleetline that I hope to drive a bunch. But I also have a '33 Chevy that I am not sure what is going to fall off, seize up, pop out, or stop working next.
  10. Thanks for all the info. Yes, good advice on the notebook. I bought this car from a friend who bought it from a guy who said he had it running and driving recently and that he (I believe this is what he said) was the original owner. However... The plugs were so crusty and the points were shot - it wouldn't even fire with a squirt in the carb. And the fuel pump does not. So... A few more parts then originally thought. But at least there is a new poly tank in the car. Little floor pan work and it'll be a cool car to spin around town.
  11. Well, here is some more info: Block stamping is HAM504121 which looks to be a 1950 Towanda, NY. regular engine. Head is cast 3835913 GM22 which looks to be 1954-55? Distributor is Delco model 1112403 which looks to be 1955-62.
  12. I just started working on a '50 Chevy and found that at some point, someone put a '55-62 distributor on it. Would there have been a reason for this? And of course I already bought a cap for a '50. Sigh.... So, should I just get a cap for a '55-62, or should I buy a '50 distributor? I assume the points and condenser would be the same. Thanks!
  13. ExperiMetal did make some bodies, but it was a limited run and they are not easy to find. There was one for sale not too long ago, but the seller was hard to get any answers from. If I build this one to what I like, it would most likely get a big block Caddy engine.
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