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  1. 1966 - 1968 Riviera Console Veneer

    Hahaha! Well, we're not there... yet! Actually, if you'd be willing, I could use a nice picture of that NOS piece so I could get the lettering artwork as close to original as possible. The only picture I have to work with isn't very good.
  2. 1966 - 1968 Riviera Console Veneer

    Thanks Tom! A customer forwarded a picture of a very nice original '68 console and it looks like a "plain cut" walnut veneer. I'm working on the "Riviera GS" and regular "Riviera by Buick" glovebox veneers for the 66-68 so I can offer the complete set. Thanks again.
  3. 1963 - 1968 Buick Riviera Walnut Veneer

    Hello, I'd like to introduce Scanlan Classic Auto Veneer. I produce a full line of genuine walnut veneer, in the correct grain pattern with 3M Peel & Stick backing, for Buick Rivieras from 1963 - 1968. Leatherette is also available for 1963 & 1964 Standard interiors. Everything is laser-cut for a perfect fit - no detail is overlooked. Please visit us on the web at I also sell on eBay. Contact me by email: