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  1. Thank you for the advise, I will follow up, coming over to Canada in 2019... Looking forward to that trip.. Cheers Russ.
  2. I am looking for a contact to supply "new or reco" front end parts fro my 1950 Pontiac silver streak (right hand drive) parts like idler arm and tie rod arm Any help would be great... The car is located in Australia Regards Russ
  3. Thank you for the advise, I will follow up, coming over to Canada in 2019... Looking forward to that trip.. Cheers Russ.
  4. Thanks for the advise Dave... great forum this group... I will follow up
  5. Should say the site for the mats are
  6. Hi everone, I am having problems in finding a replacement 6 volt twin contact single filament globe for the dome light for my 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak in Australia, any clues in the USA or Canada?
  7. Hi everyone, I have just joined the group, I am from Australia, I have just bought a one family owned 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak, it's a "GMH" General Motors Holden built body, the chassis and all the running gear imported from the USA. this car is my third Pontiac 167 off the line out of 341 built in Australia in 1950. The car has been worked on over the years and maintained to a tee.. just love the car.. You can see it on youtube .. type in .. Driving in Paynesville. My home town, other pictures in the gallery.. This forum site is very good, so much help when I need contacts for part. , forgot to mention the mats ... amazing
  8. Went and showed Dad his 29 today.

    Wonderful story, thanks for sharing ... I remember working with my dad on his and mine old A model's old cars too... Treasured memories eh .... thanks thanks to Reid "Tinindian" Pearce for all the help he give to all, on this great forum... Cheers Russ
  9. Hello from Belgium

    Our local rat rods in Gippsland Victoria... we have our share
  10. Hello from Belgium

  11. my new toy

    Hi everyone, I am a new member and I thought I would share pictures of the "1950 Pontiac Silver streak" I have just bought home, one family owner since new. (its my third Pontiac) I have all the original paper work from the dealer including the receipts and hand book workshop book, so happy to get this car..., I am looking for a company that sells decals , I need the decals for the engine bay for a start, the air cleaner sign is a tad faded, I live in country Victoria in Australia, hope someone can help find what I am looking for, I have just fitted the wheel trims and the whitewalls, waiting on custom made venetian for the rear window... that will do it fro now, a visor and spats for the the rear wheels would be good too Cheers Russ
  12. my new toy

    Pictures from the start of the project (barn find) and the finished restoration...of "Daisy"
  13. my new toy

    The secret is in the saw that cut the 34 degree angle on the supports on the venetian.. It pays to have friends with good power tools.. He will be rewarded in red wine. Lots of it LOL
  14. my new toy

    Updated photos today at the boat ramp
  15. Hello from Belgium

    No, Easter at home making a venetian blind for the Pontiac from old house cedar venetian from the local junk shop We had great weather down here on the wonderful Gippsland lakes over easter.. Cheers
  16. Hello from Belgium

    Welcome Christophe, The world over... We love our old cars don't we, greeting from Victoria .. Australia
  17. my new toy

    Just finished the venetian blind for the 1950 Pontiac, Looking around, I found the cost of a pro built one was around $300.00, so I decided to make one .. A visit to the local junk shop and a find, A cedar house venetian blind for $15.00. used the slats and made the supports.. bit of time and paint.. and all done for less than $40.00. Very happy with result ...
  18. Looking for help getting a contact to supply 6 volt 25 watt globe for the fog lights on my car, My normal supply (tail light king) cant supply.. Picture attached.. Hope someone out there can put me in the right direction. Cheers Russ
  19. fog light globe

    What a wonderful forum this is, so much help from this side of the Pacific ... I did manage to get the 6 volt 55 watts globe from of all places.. Super cheap Auto, thanks for the lead in South Australia David AU I may use then in the future Cheers everyone Russ
  20. t shirts

    Just picked up my new t shirt for Daisy... amazing quality from local company
  21. t shirts

    I am not use how it was done, Our local newspaper produced it from a photo that I took with a basic camera, Very happy with the result.. amazing car, I am enjoying this special car, now fitted with fog lights
  22. fog light globe

    6 volt ? and thanks for the feed back
  23. My new OLD car

    Forgot to mention the "Daisy" thing on the front of the car, It refers to my dear Dads "A Model ford", long story .. very sentimental thing to do with vintage drivers club.