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  1. As you know the memories are very treasured and can never be taken away.
  2. I finally have gotten the 29 back on the road. This was my Dads pride and joy that I inherited. Forty years ago when I was 13-14 years old I helped my Dad restore this car. We took it to car shows every weekend for years. I remember we always had problems with the carburetor, fuel pump and the radiator. We went to a lot of swap meets and could never find anything that was ever any better than what was already on the car. The car ran obviously but was never real dependable. My Dad passed away 15 years ago. My Mom would not sell the car or anything so it just sat in the barn deteriorating. To my surprise 2 years ago she called me and said that if I wanted it that I could have it. I couldn't get hooked up to the car hauler fast enough! So I have slowly been getting it back into shape. Since it sat for so long the valves ended up rusting so bad that it would not turn over. I had the engine rebuilt and I have slowly gone through the whole drivetrain and now it is road worthy, complete with a new wiring harness and new tires. Also thanks to the Internet it now even has a new carburetor, new fuel pump and a new radiator! It is amazing the time my Dad and I spent scouring the swap meets looking for the parts to make it run better and now I have found them all right here from my recliner. This forum has also been a big help. An extra special Thank You goes out to Reid "Tinindian" Pearce for all of his help. His knowledge on these cars is amazing. I have an oil leak that I am still trying to get stopped but other than that we are back on the road! I am leaving the rest of the car just as Dad had it. The body is in pretty good shape considering the paint is 40 years old. My Mom made the interior for my Dad so that will never be changed either. The first place I took the car today was to the cemetery to pay Dad a visit. I am sure he is proud that his 29 is back on the road now better than ever!
  3. Thanks Reid for the Buick info. To get by for now I just used a hardened bolt that I modified a bit. It works but I would still like to keep everything as original as possible.
  4. I may be interested on it if it is not locked up and you are somewhat close to Illinois and the price is right. I really don't need it but am always looking for an extra one.
  5. Thanks aussiecowboy. I will try that. I only have one that is totally stripped but all of them have thin threads. Have not had any luck finding any.
  6. I am looking for some wheel retaining bolts and nuts for my 29 Pontiac. Picture attached of one. The threads on mine are pretty thin and I would like to replace them all if possible. Need 16 total but any at all would help. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks Reid. I knew you would come to my rescue! I do have the correct horn and all the wiring is good (complete new harness). I will tear it apart sometime soon and see what I can do with it. I finally have the engine up and running. Starts & runs fabulous! Sounds real strong. Just need to get the gas tank cleaned out and then it will be time to take a test drive down the driveway. Just running it off of a gallon fuel can on the floor right now. As always, Thank You for everything!
  8. Welcome to the forum. You will find out that TinIndian is the man on here for the older Pontiacs. Just a wealth of knowledge. He has helped me immensely on my 1929. Post pictures of your car when you can. Love seeing the older ones.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get my 1929 Pontiac horn rebuilt? It somewhat attempts to work but not very good. I have ruled out a wiring problem. Or does anyone have a good one for sale? Thanks!
  10. Hi Reid. Thank You for your response. I knew that you would be the one to know what to use. The leak was around the rear of the crank. They installed the wooden wedges and that did not help any. I did not see the engine when they had it opened up but from what I understand there is somewhat of a groove near the rear of the crank. They installed a seal from a small block chevy there but it did not work because there was not a "lip" to keep it from sliding up the crank towards the center of the engine. So from what I understand, they machined a "lip" out of a piece of steel and installed it around the rear of the crank thus making a true groove for the small block chevy seal to set in. They say they have ran it for 30 minutes and it has not leaked. So hopefully it is good. Cannot go pick it up until next week because of prior commitments.
  11. Finally getting the engine back from the machine shop so we are getting closer to being back on the road. What weight of oil is used in the transmission AND the rear end?? I assume it would be 80-90 weight but thought I would ask first. Thanks!
  12. Well the machine shop installed the wooden seals and it did not stop the leak. Of course I know it is next to impossible to diagnose an engine leak when you cannot see the engine but does anyone have any other ideas??
  13. Well the machine shop installed the wooden seals and it did not stop the leak. Of course I know it is next to impossible to diagnose an engine leak when you cannot see the engine but does anyone have any other ideas??
  14. I thought about the rope but my shop manual doesn't give any info. I do not have a service manual.
  15. Kornkurt---I would guess that they do not. Do you have any more information on this or pictures so I can show them??